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10 Best Surf Spots in Zanzibar

10 Best Surf Spots in Zanzibar


Travel lovers should visit the beautiful Zanzibar archipelago where they can enjoy a number of exciting activities such as kiteboarding, parasailing, snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, and surfing. You can find ideal conditions in many pristine and breathtaking surf spots along the coast, most of which are suitable for beginners. Before visiting, tourists should find out information such as wind directions, swell heights, tides, wave heights, and ideal timings. Here are the top 10 spots in Zanzibar that are perfect for surfing!


  1. Paje

You can surf at the stunning Paje Beach which has ideal winds, great waves, and perfect tide. You can buy surfboards, and get guidance from surfing schools that operate in the region. 


  1. Nungwi

This lively beach offers scenic views of crystalline waters and white sands. The beach has low and high tides, so you must time your visit perfectly so your surfing experience is perfect and fulfilling.


  1. Nakupenda

A 20 minute dhow ride away from Stone Town, you can find the remote, isolated, and peaceful Nakupenda Beach, which hosts about 20 visitors in a day. You can enjoy surfing at this mile long beach.


  1. Bwejuu

The gorgeous Bwejuu beach is excellent for its nightlife and cultural village life. Here, you can enjoy an exciting surfing experience as it has shallow waters, excellent tides, and helpful local guides. 


  1. Tamarins

If you are a beginner, Tamarins are the best surf spot for you. The wave is ideal, and the perfect breaks make surfing fun and exciting. 


  1. Jambiani

The sandy Jambiani Beach is small and quiet, so you can escape the crowds and enjoy your surfing activities in peace and tranquility. The beach usually has low tide and good surfing conditions.


  1. Dongwe

Visit Dongwe village, where the reef is one of the best surf spots in Zanzibar. The waves are perfect, and the beach is not crowded.


  1. Kiwengwa

Here, you can find perfect wind conditions throughout the year, and get help from local schools that can ensure that your adventure is ideal and unforgettable! Experienced surfers can enjoy the stronger waves, and beginners can get equipment from the beach. 


  1. South Reefs

The southeast coast has reef breaks that are perfect for beginners. The region offers varying levels of difficulty as there are many types of waves. If you are an intermediate or advanced surfer, you can ride the bigger waves and have a memorable surfing experience. 


  1. Pwani Mchangani

The beach along Pwani Mchangani‎ is one of Zanzibar’s best surf spots as weather conditions are ideal, and the region is home to a surfing school that can help tourists learn how to surf, and allows them to buy or rent equipment such as surfboards. It is vital to know wave and tide timings, so you can enjoy yourself and surf safely. 


The best time to visit Zanzibar for its surf spots is June to October or December to March, as weather conditions are ideal for surfing. We hope you can enjoy an unforgettable trip to Zanzibar’s surf spots.