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10 Dishes You Must Try in Zanzibar

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Trying local fare is the best way to experience the culture. Zanzibar is known as the spice island and there are many local and different flares on the cuisine. Many of the local spices are used to create the flavors and smells as well as to add color. There is a unique blending of the cuisines of Swahili, Indian, and Arabian cultures ensuring that there will be a unique experience for any foodie. Check out these top 10 dishes that you must try when you are in Zanzibar.

1. Coconut Bean Soup: There are tons of coconuts and fish in Zanzibar. For this reason, one of the most popular dishes is coconut bean soup. This is created from coconut milk, tomatoes, beans and seasoned with spices like pepper and salt. This is a great option for vegetarians as well as people who love all kinds of food. This is rich as well as sumptuous and a perfect choice for anyone who loved to have adventurous food.

‍2. Date Nut Bread: This is an amazing food that will become a favor of all who taste it. This may be the time that you no longer want any other kind of bread after this sample. Date Nut Bread is nutritious and yummy. It is made from dates that have been pitted and chopped as well as walnuts. This is an amazing choice for breakfast any day.

3. Ugali: This is one of the most common dishes in Zanzibar and all-over East Africa and it is one of the things that you must try in local fare. This is made with flour and also with meal and then has potatoes as well as polenta added in. It has a doughy consistency and can be eaten by breaking it up into little balls and then it is dipped into something amazing and saucy. One of the best things that can happen to it as well is that it can be put in soup or served with grilled meat.

4. Mchuzi wa pweza (Octopus Curry): Octopus is one of the best seafoods that you can find at hotels as well as sold on the street. It is prepared with many amazing spices and then it is shared with spices like turmeric, coriander and simmered in a coconut gravy. When you enjoy this kind of curry you will want it all of the time. It is one of those amazing tastes that you have to have in order to have a real experience.

5. Nzidi Kaanga: Fried Plantains: Ndizi Kaanga is a very popular dish in East Africa and is served as the main dish sometimes and other times as a meal. Th plantains are generally unsweetened and are prepared by adding just a small pinch of sugar to the mix. Then you are able to draw out the natural sweetness that is in the cooking. When you try the plantains, if you really want a local flavor you can try grilling them instead of frying them. The grilled ones are great when they are sprinkled with some salt as well and when they are served as well with Kachumbari.

‍6. Biryani ya Zanzibar: Biryani is a wonderful rice dish known all over Asia and the Middle East. It is a very popular meal and is prepares with many kinds of spices as well as with meat and fish. Curry is one of the best choices out there to ensure that you are able to complete a great dish. You can add beef as well as goat meat to any kind of dish.

7. Zanzibar Spice Pilau Rice: The smell of amazing Pilau rice will hit you when you are walking around and will allow you to enjoy the taste and the smell of all locations. It is very different in taste and smell as well when it is cooked together. It is drier and more flavored than biryani.

8. Wali Na Maharage: This is a great dish that is served with rice as well as with fish and meat. There is a meal that is very amazing and decadent with all of the other tastes. The rice is cooked as well in oil or coconut milk to make it a creamy flavor. Beans are also added in to make it very mushy. There ae many other meals that are added as well that include cinnamon, cumin, cloves and more.

9. Supa Ya Ndizi (Plantain Soup): This is also known as Mtori, this is a dish that is served in chicken broth. The plantain is then pounded into paste and cooked with salt and pepper. This is then served with bread.

10. Zanzibar Pizza: This is a great and tasty snack that is nothing like your regular pizza. It is a mix of egg, mayo, meat, and vegetables. It is also wrapped in the dough before it is fried. You will find the pizza at the Night Market.