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10 Must-Have Unique Experiences in East Africa

East Africa is a fascinating place to visit for vacations. The culture, life, history, and beauty will stun you. It is a remarkable region to visit and explore. The numerous activities and adventures you can take will amaze and confuse you. Each destination in East Africa provides an experience you may not find anywhere else. Here are 10 unique must-have experiences in East Africa.

Kitengela Glass Art

The Kitengela Glass Art is a unique place to visit in Nairobi, Kenya. It is situated in Nairobi National Park. It is a journey into the cultural arts of the East African region. The intricacy and beauty of the glass art created by local artists will stun you. Each artwork has a unique design, and the delicacy will leave you wondering how these masterpieces were created.

Giraffe Manor

Another unique place to visit in Nairobi is a well-known hotel called Giraffe Manor. The hotel is not only a home for guests during their stay. It is also home to Rothschild giraffes. The backyard in the hotel is a sanctuary for these giraffes. You can be having breakfast from your room’s balcony while watching these magnificent creatures. The curious creatures may even greet you on the balcony.

Lake Natron

Lake Natron in Tanzania is infamous for being one of the deadliest lakes. The eerie, red-colored lake is spectacular to witness. The lake’s chemical composition is what makes it so deadly. The water’s temperature can go over 41 degrees Celsius. The only living organism that can come into contact with this lake is the pink flamingo, which is well-adapted to thrive in these conditions. All other animals will die upon contact with the water.

Manta Resort

The Manta Resort is another unique place to book your stay in East Africa. The hotel is located in Pemba and offers stunning wooden chalets in the water. Each chalet has a submerged area, allowing you to enjoy the unbelievable views of the coral reef from your bed.

Masai Village

There are plenty of villages in Tanzania. You must visit a Masai Village while in East Africa. The Masai people are very welcoming and proud of their heritage. Exploring their village and witnessing the Masai way of life is a cultural experience.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

There are many national parks throughout East Africa where you can get a hot air balloon ride. Taking a safari is impressive; however, soaring above the national park is an entirely different experience. Riding high above the animals and getting a 360 view of the many national parks will leave you dazed. The stunning scenery will enchant you.

Go Diving

Diving is a thrilling experience, especially for people diving for the first time. The great thing about East Africa is that it has many places where you can learn diving. You can find many divining instructors in some of the best diving spots, including Mafia Island in Tanzania, a paradise for divers.

The Great Migration

Witnessing the Great Migration is a once-in-in-a-lifetime experience. The Great Migration, which takes place every year, is where millions of wildebeests and other animals migrate to and from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the Masai Mara in Kenya. You can experience the circle of life through this journey and nature’s many battles.

Local Cuisines

Eating in East Africa may not be for everyone. East Africa is home to many unique dishes that you must try, including Ugali, Pilau, Samosas, Wali Wa Nazi, and many others. However, you can never truly experience a culture without trying its food.

Bar-Hopping in Nairobi

Nairobi is the capital city in Kenya, known for its nightlife. Bar hopping has become part of the culture in Nairobi. Many young people go out all night, moving from one bar to the next with their friends. Given that there are so many bars in Nairobi, you do not need to choose. Why not try all of them?

East Africa will provide you with many activities to have a unique experience. Tanzania, one of the region’s most well-known tourist destinations, is a beautiful place to visit. Learn more about the country in our Tanzania Travel Guide.