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10 Reasons to Visit Dodoma for Meat Lovers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]10 Reasons to Visit Dodoma for Meat Lovers

There are many reasons hordes of travellers descend on Dodoma each year. Chief among the reasons is the city’s meat culture. If you’re not into veggies, then we can guess correctly that you’re a fan of steak, ribs and other meaty portions. And why not? A hunk of steak,sliced into the perfect portions, roasted on ripping hot coals and perfectly seasoned, is one of the most delicious things under the sun. But why is the meat from Dodoma so delicious? Here are ten reasons to visit the city for meat lovers.

‍1. Local delicacy

Meat is the staple delicacy in many restaurants in the town. You’re likely to find more meat dishes on the menu than any other food item. This is in the form of fried steaks, meat stews,barbecued and roasted and boiled portions seasoned with different accompaniments.

‍2. Perfect weather for breeding

Dodoma weather offers the ideal breeding grounds for beef cattle and produces some of the tastiest beef to be found anywhere.

‍3. Hi-tech abattoir

The newly installed hi-tech abattoir is capable of slaughtering 300 cows and 250 goats and sheep daily, all for consumption locally.

4. Weddings and parties

Barbecued beef and goat feature prominently in weddings and parties.

5. Local culture

The local people, the Gogo, Wasandawi, and Warangi, are deeply-rooted in a meat culture. They tend and breed animals not only as a symbol of wealth and prestige but also for food. And their daily diets are heavy in meat.

‍6. Meat is fast food

Meat is considered a fast food locally, and there is no need for difficult and elaborate recipes while preparing the dish.Placing it in a skewer on hot coals and turning it a few times makes the dish ready for consumption.

7. Easy to eat

Unlike other foods where cutlery and plates are a must, you don’t require cutlery to eat meat. With clean hands, you can delve into the hot chunks, as our predecessors have done throughout the centuries.

‍8. All out meal

Meat can be consumed for breakfast, lunch,and dinner. It can be preserved and eaten days later, and it can be salted,dried and stored for later.

‍9. Special Dodoma flavour

Dodoma beef tastes good. It is as simple as that. One explanation is the presence of glutamates. The human brain is conditioned to recognize flavour from different areas, and the Dodoma flavour is no exception.

‍10. Iron-rich

Dodoma beef is rich in iron and zinc. These are essential nutrients that help to prevent diseases such as anemia. These two nutrients are easily absorbed by the body and together with anti-oxidants from other nutrients help fight diseases and infections.