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15 Things You Must Do in Tanzania

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Tanzania has sparkling shores and amazing fields of safari as well as incredible mountains. Every kind of diversity that someone could be looking for is found in this amazing country. Here are a few places that if you are making a trip you simply must see.

1. Unguja: Has the incredible Stone Town that is in the heart of Zanzibar. It is a location that is full of beauty as well as diversity in every view. Stone Town is the oldest location in Zanzibar and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has beauty all around it with forts, palaces, and all kinds of Arabic, European and Swahili architecture. The beaches are also incredible, and it is the perfect place to take in the sun,

‍2. Kilimanjaro National Park: This is a lovely location that has gracing magazines and nature books for years. People have been coming to climb to the height of the largest and highest peak in Africa. There are many trails up the mountain and ways for people to see everything at the top. Here are also elephants and monkeys in the woods waiting to be spotted at a moment’s notice.

3. Serengeti National Park: This is a location that has amazing plains and animals waiting to be discovered. It is a place that is one of the largest parks in the country, and it brings in tourists from all over the world every year. The wet season is from March until May and the mildest time of the year will always be from June until October. There is an amazing annual ‘Great Migration’ of over 2 million animals following the rains in search of food. The migrations are huge and impressive. It is one of those places where people must see it to believe it. The word itself Serengeti means “Extended place” it is one of the jewels of the area and it always brings people back for another visit.

‍4. The Beaches of Zanzibar: The archipelago of Zanzibar is incredibly beautiful, consisting of over 30 islands, the best-known being Zanzibar and Pemba. This is a location that is known for the beauty that it holds; it is truly mythic. There is crystal clear, turquoise waters, white sand, colourful corals and amazing people.

‍5. Ngorongoro Conservation Area: This area is between the Serengeti and Lake Manyara and it is home to the old volcanic region of Ngorongoro Crater. This area is one of the best areas in the entire country to view wildlife. The crater is the oldest caldera in the world, and it is almost three million years old. Thousands of animals have chosen the crater as their home. There is also amazing bird watching here.

What is the Olduvai Gorge?

This is a gorge that has many fault lines. There are many centuries of erosion that have appeared here and that have many kinds of fossils of animals and man. There were professors here that were looking as early in this region as 1911. There are some bones from people that are over 2 million years old here. In addition to that there are many footprints of men, women, and children that were discovered here. There are over three different kinds of hominid species that are also from this region.

‍6. Lake Manyara National Park: This is a picturesque region that is made up of forests, grasslands as well as many swamps. There are 2/3 of the park that are covered by water as well in some context in addition to that, there are many kinds of flamingoes that are present all over the park and many kinds of bird life. This area also has many herds of elephants and many kinds of hippos, lions, and other kinds of wildlife. This is also the home to the largest population of baboons in the world. There are many ways to enjoy the park which include canoes, drives, and mountain bike tours.

‍7. Mafia Island: This is an area that offers snorkelers and divers the opportunity to look at the beauty of the environment under the sea in the Mafia Island Marine Park. There are many amazing months of diving with the season lasting all the way from June to March. The best time of the island itself comes during the season from June to February. There are lovely coral areas as well as many kinds of fish to see when you are diving. There are all kinds of gorgeous birds as well as over 4 00 kinds of fish to be seen in the waters. There are also many kinds of wildlife that come around the island to breed. One of the many is the green turtle, which is endangered.

The island is also an amazing location for fishing in the deep sea. It is a location to catch tuna, marlin, sailfish, and many other large game fish.

The island saw its first inhabitants in the 8th or 9th century and has become a more important settlement to the area and was key in the trade routes of Africa.

‍8. Tarangire National Park: This park was founded in 1970 and is visited best in the dry season. This is the time when the animals are running along the river. This park is known for its large concentration of migrating wildlife. There are many kinds of animals to be seen when you are near the lagoons. There are also amazing Baobab trees. The park has over 300 different bird species.

9. Pemba Island: This is the furthest north island that is a part of the Zanzibar archipelago. There are many deserted islands in this area that offer the best scuba diving out there and that offer beauty that is unparalleled. There are also many coral areas and gardens as well as sponges, sea fans and many other flora that are a part of this beautiful area.

Pemba is not as popular as Zanzibar and is more laidback. It is visited a lot as well from December to February for bullfighting, which has been popular there since the days of the Portuguese occupation in the 16th and 17th centuries. The island has many hills and deep valleys which are perfect for bikers as well.

Pemba is also one of the largest clove producers and is know for the practices of the Juju for medicine as well as magic. People come from throughout East Africa to learn healing and voodoo in this area.

‍10. Selous Game Reserve: This area is the largest game reserve in Africa. It was founded in 1922 and it covers over 5% of the total land area. Bisected by the Rafuji River, with vast open plains, mountains, cliffs and valleys. The best time of the year to visit is in July through October. The river has the largest area of any river in East Africa, and is a very key feature of the reserve enabling the observation of wildlife in a unique habitat. There is a very large range of animals to see like elephants, hippos, rhinos and more. There are also over 350 different kinds of birds in this area.

‍11. Arusha National Park: This area is a little smaller than some of the other parks in Tanzania, but it has amazing numbers of animals as well as a huge diversity in the land. This park is made up of the forests of Mount Meru, in addition the Ngurdoto Crater and over seven crater lakes. There are also black and white Colobus monkeys that are on the floor as well as in the middle of the canopy wherever you look in this area. Momela Lake is also home to many of the largest water birds of the area. People come to see the animals as well as to climb the mountain.

Mount Meru is the second largest mountain in Tanzania. The summit has a very narrow ridge with amazing views of the world below. There is an ascent that is both steep and picturesque.

‍12. Ruaha State Park: This amazing park is almost the same size as the country of Wales. It is one of the largest game reserves in East Africa. There are very few crowds that are in the reserve. The experience with the animals is very up close and personal and there are many animals of all kinds. There is a huge elephant population as well with over 100,000 members.

‍13. Kigoma: This is next to the very beautiful waters of Lake Tanganyika which surrounds this small town on three sides. There are boats as well that are made of timber jetties as well as large boats that are a part of the lake. The town is one of the largest ports that ferry passengers from Kigoma to Zambia during the week for different reasons. The town also has many dotted forests that are part of the Gombe National Park. There are also amazing trails for hiking that are a part of the Mahale Mountains and there are beaches that make it a great place to relax inland.

‍14. Katavi National Park: This is a jewel in the middle of a flood plain in which the land borders the DRC. It is a place to ensure that you can see every kind of wildlife you might be looking for. It is a place that has been made very popular because of the number of watering spots as well as the number of pools. This is a place that allows you to be close to many of the animals as well and it is a more affordable option than many of the others.

15. The Zanzibar Night Market: Check out the Forodhani Night Market which is a culinary delight for anyone with an appetite. This is the location where anyone can find amazing food in a lovely environment in the middle of Stone Town. It becomes a historical labyrinth at night of tastes and smells. It is one of those places that families gather as well as couples to take in the experience. It is a must when you come to Tanzania.

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