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5 Amazing Wellness Destinations in East Africa For Your Next Getaway

East Africa is abundant in nature and biodiversity, conserving nature’s secrets in the center of its heart. The beautiful safaris, beaches, and thrilling adventures make East Africa a perfect wellness destination for anyone seeking an escape to recharge. 

Here are the top five fantastic wellness destinations for your perfect getaway:

Chem Chem, Tanzania

Chem Chem Safari Lodge provides visitors with an exclusive safari with amenities like a spa treatment and a swimming pool. Chem Chem’s secluded location ensures that visitors feel disconnected from the world and can get fully immersed in their experience. Overlooking the wildlife from the hot air balloon or roaming around with the Maasai tracking animals is awe-inspiring. The lodge offers a stunning view of the Lake Manyara, where flamingos can be seen by the shore. You can also take the cultural tours with the local Maasai to the nearby villages.

Finch Hattons, Tsavo West, Kenya

Surrounded by the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, the Chyulu hills, and the endless wildlife of Africa, this tented camp turns a luxurious fantasy into a reality. Curating the perfect wellness retreat with the most significant bush spa in East Africa, with a private pool, hammam, gyms, expert massage treatments and therapies, and a yoga deck with lush green views of nature, this place is one of the best wellness destinations in East Africa. 

Singita Sabora, Tanzania

Singita Sabora tents are designed to please the modern aesthetics for a romantic safari. The picturesque scenery and views through the fitness center, local community visits, and guided safari walks make you indulge in the beauty of nature. The specially crafted massage at the wellness spa with essential oils revitalizes the mind and the body. Sabora tent’s location is most famous for witnessing the Great Migration closely.

Angama Mara, Kenya

Angama is said to be the most beautiful safari lodge of East Africa due to its spectacular location above the Great Rift Valley. Angama translates into ‘mid-air’ implying the lodge lies between the skies and the earth. You can spend the day discovering the Mara, engage with the Maasai naturalists, explore the Great Rift valley and end the day with a comforting massage in the spa. 

Zuri Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zuri Zanzibar specializes in wellness through its “well-being by elements” program, designed to elevate your physical and mental well-being while making it a memorable experience. Talk about soaking in the sun, eating healthy and delicious cuisines, having an early morning yoga session, or an art therapy class. Zuri Zanzibar has it all. It also houses calming massage rooms, a relaxing Jacuzzi, and a refreshing salon. This destination is a perfect getaway to enjoy your beach holiday while keeping your wellness game at the top.

East Africa is one of the wealthiest regions in the world for wellness destinations and activities that will leave your heart full of joy as you return home. Whether you are an adventurous soul who craves mountains or a mystic who loves getting lost in nature, these destinations will serve your desires and enrich your soul. Tanzania has some of the best wellness destinations in the region. Here are 15 Things You Must Do in Tanzania once you have completed your wellness tour.