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5 Best Historic Sites for Amazing Pictures in Arusha!

5 Best Historic Sites for Amazing Pictures in Arusha!

Arusha is a beautiful and scenic city in Tanzania, situated at Mt. Meru’s base. Arusha serves as a starting destination for many safaris and is also en route to Mt. Kilimanjaro. It has many idyllic sites and picturesque landscapes. It is also home to stunning historical sites that will provide you with the perfect landscape and site photography subjects.  We will cover five of the best historic sites for unique pictures in Arusha here.

Cultural Heritage Centre

The Cultural Heritage Centre is the perfect place to begin your history expedition in Arusha. The building itself is a spectacle of beauty that beckons to be photographed. It is structured as a sword and shield. It serves as a symbol of the Masai people’s heritage. 


Inside the centre, you will find artwork, statutes, and artifacts representing the past and present of over 120 tribes in Tanzania. You can explore gemstones, traditional dresses, carvings, masks, sculptures, and much more to learn about the way of the tribes. 


If you love taking photographs of historical ruins and architecture, Engaruka will be heaven for you. The settlement located in the Great Rift Valley, which was abandoned in the 18th century, is considered a significant Iron Age archaeological site. The region was known for its intricate irrigation system and technology. In the 15th century, the tribe living in the region began to explore various cultivation methods to grow crops. It involved building a system to distribute the water from the Engaruka River to the crops. 

Olduvai Gorge

Olduvai Gorge is considered an essential paleoanthropological site globally because it contains information to unlocking the mysteries of the evolution of early humans. It is a steep-sided ravine that expands over 48 km across East Africa. Teams of paleoanthropologists and archeologists have researched the site for years and have found many hidden secrets to advance human knowledge. During the day, you can capture some mesmerizing photos. 


The Clock Tower

Situated in the heart of the town, the Clock Tower is a historical monument that attracts locals and tourists alike. The Clock Tower also has many myths surrounding it, including a story that states the Clock Tower is the exact center point between Cairo and Cape Town. 

Galanos, a Greek millionaire, built the Clock Tower during the first few years of the 20th century. It’s an ideal site for some historical photography. 

Arusha Declaration Monument

The Arusha Declaration Monument is a landmark that represents the Arusha Declaration. The monument was constructed in 1977 (ten years after the declaration) when Chama Cha Mapinduzi was the ruler. The declaration represents African Socialism, known as Ujamaa. The towering structure is beautiful to capture, especially when the lighting and timing are proper. 


Arusha is a captivating place for its location and historical significance in Tanzania. It represents the Tanzanian culture and the values of the 120+ Tanzanian tribes. Keep your camera gear ready to capture memorable shots. You can also learn about some other fascinating places to visit here at 15 Things You Must Do in Tanzania.