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5 Best Tourist Spots in Dodoma


Located deep in the heart of Tanzania, Dodoma has been the capital city of the East African country since 1974. Although, Dodoma is the capital city of Tanzania, it is not as popular as Dar es Salaam which is the former capital city of Tanzania and the most populous city in the country. In a place like Dodoma, where tourist sites are not plentiful, it might be difficult to decide on the places to visit. The following sites however, will give you the best of tourist experiences whenever you visit Dodoma.

The University of Dodoma

Established in March 2007, the University of Dodoma is a public university located in central Tanzania. Currently, the university is still developing but it has seven colleges already: College of Earth Sciences, College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, College of Informatics and Virtue Education, College of Education, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Health and Applied Sciences and College of Business studies and Law. The vast area of land provides scenic views that will surely captivate you whenever you visit.

Gaddafi Mosque

With a capacity to hold 4,500 people, it is the biggest mosque in Tanzania and the second biggest in East Africa. The construction of this amazing mosque was funded by former Libyan dictator- Muammar Gaddafi. It is one of the sights you should see whenever you are in or around Dodoma. You will surely be captivated by the size and beauty of this great mosque.

Lion Rock

A trip to Dodoma is never worth it if you fail to visit Lion Rock. The scenic views it offers are well worth the time and energy it takes to climb the rock. Dodoma doesn’t have a large number of landmarks, but the beauty of Lion Rock can simply not be compared with many other landmarks around the country. Whenever you visit Dodoma, make sure you hike the rocky trail that leads to the top, you’ll get the most beautiful and extensive views of Dodoma.

Museum of Geosciences

Experience the most amazing and vast collection of rock samples at the Museum of Geosciences in Dodoma. The museum exposes you to the general and interesting geological information. If you’re not really into geology, be warned, you might not find a visit to the museum really interesting. All in all, the Museum of Geosciences is the best place for Geology lovers to visit whenever they are in or around Dodoma.

Chinangali Grapevine

In a city where there are few tourist attractions, the grapevines will offer you an amazing tourist experience. The 300 acre farm at Chinangali gives you the opportunity to have a close look at how red and white grapes are grown; you also get the chance to see grape plants at different stages of development. These grapes are harvested twice a year- in March and in August/September. They are also peculiar to the Dodoma area because of the low humidity and dry land. Whenever you find yourself in or around Dodoma, get on a tour of the Chinangali grapevine, you can be sure of the most amazing and educational experience.

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