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5 less explored places in Arusha

5 less explored places in Arusha


For travel lovers, Arusha is one of the most amazing and extraordinary places to visit. This spectacular location is a gem in East Africa and is a top tourist spot in Tanzania. A heaven for nature lovers and adventure seekers, the scenic region offers a variety of breathtaking views that travellers will never forget. Tourists can visit the amazing Arusha National Park, where they can spot animals such as elephants, monkeys, giraffes, buffaloes, hippos, gazelles, and hyenas, as well as birds such as woodpeckers, flamingoes, geese, herons, parrots, and eagles, For those who want to visit some less explored places, here are the best options for them to explore during their vacation in Arusha!

  • Olduvai Gorge

Also known as Oldupai, Olduvai Gorge is an extraordinary place to visit as this is the spot where in 1960, scientists discovered a fossil fragment of the first human species, and evidence of some of the oldest known human species that date back around 1.9 million years ago. This unique location is also called the “cradle of humankind.” Here, tourists can also find ancient hunting tools! This is one of the coolest places that tourists can find in the Arusha region.

  • Meserani Snake Park

Another great spot that one must not miss in the Arusha Region is the amazing Meserani Snake Park, which is home to dangerous snakes such as the Black or Green Mamba, African pythons, Puff Adders, and Egyptian Cobras. Visitors can even hold snakes, wild tortoises, or baby crocodiles, and feed baboons. They are accompanied by expert guides who can teach them about different animals, and explain how each protected species is different from the other!


  • Mshiri Village

Travellers in Arusha can also visit the less explored Mshiri Village where they can interact with the Chagga people and witness the culture, lifestyle. and traditions of the mountain tribe. They can walk around the fertile fields of these traditional farmers and explore the thatched huts at Marangu Mtoni. They can taste local foods and interact with locals to learn about their customs and rituals. Nearby, the Mshiri Vocational Training School is a great spot for tourists to connect with young artisans and witness the traditional craft of woodworking. They can even buy these handmade crafts as souvenirs and gifts to take home, so they can help the local economy, and buy cool keepsakes!

  • Ol Doinyo Lengai

Nature lovers who are visiting the Arusha region must not miss out on Ol Doinyo Lengai, a stunning volcano located near the Gregory Rift. The location is called “Mountain of God ” by the locals, and is a unique geological oddity as the lava fountains turn hard midair. Adventure seekers like to climb the slopes of the rock formations surrounding the active volcano vents. The destination is extraordinary, because this is the only volcano known to have carbonatitite, a rare low-temperature lava that is black like oil, but cools to a whitish powder. Visitors can enjoy hiking and climbing at this breathtakingly beautiful location. 

  • Tengeru

Another great less explored place in Arusha is Tenguru, a peri-urban town that is home to lush banana fields, traditional mountain homesteads, and small scale farms. Tourists can visit the coffee farms and learn about how coffee is produced in the region. They can also go canoeing at the scenic Lake Duluti, a volcanic lake located at the foothills of Mount Meru. This destination is a must see for tourists who want to have an enriching vacation, as they can enjoy having meaningful interactions with friendly locals and learn from them. This spot also offers scenic views of the mountain peaks and the serene lake. 


These are some of the best places that tourists can visit in the Arusha region, and have an amazing time while also being able to avoid the crowds.