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5 Perfect Greenest Places in East Africa For Serene Getaways

East Africa is one of the best places to escape mundane, chaotic, everyday life. It is a breath of much-needed fresh air that will rejuvenate your spirits. It allows you to reconnect with nature and yourself, providing you with an exhiliarting experience that will resonate with you when you get back home. Here are five perfect greenest places in East Africa for serene getaways.  


The Serengeti National Park is an iconic park in Tanzania. It is filled with endless lush green fields to witness the most magnificent wild animals grazing in their natural habitat. Serengeti National Park is a sought destination by tourists because its acres of green land stretch across the horizon. It is also a popular safari destination because it has an array of wildlife and is also part of the Great Migration. 

The Menengai Crater

The Menengai Crater in Kenya is breathtakingly beautiful. Covered in trees and plants, it is one of the green places in Kenya that you can visit. The Menengai Crater has scenic views. You can sit back and enjoy the fresh air surrounded by towering trees gazing into the beautiful wilderness. It is a peaceful place that will captivate you, making you lose track of time. The Menengai Crater is located in the Great Rift Valley and was developed more than 200,000 years ago. It drops down approximately 8 kilometers and is a spectacle to witness. You will also notice the stunning caldera that have formed in the crater. You will be at peace when you visit The Menengai Crater. 


Arusha is in the northern region of Tanzania. You may have heard of Arusha because it will most likely be discussed in your travelling plans. Arusha is a city that often serves as a connection or gateway to safaris in the nearby regions. It is usually ignored; however, if you do not explore the city, you will miss out on one of Tanzania’s greenest and most peaceful places. The town even received an award for having the greenest environment in 2015. The city doesn’t have many buildings, and residential and commercial property owners must plant five trees in their location. It is a refreshing site to see so much greenery in one place. 

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is covered in tropical rainforests, evergreen, alpine, dry woodlands, and indigenous bamboo. You will find that the climb is not too challenging and you can enjoy spending time at the different camps. It is also the perfect place to reconnect with nature, especially if you have experience trekking.


Moshi is another green city in Tanzania, close to the Kenyan border. If you love coffee, Moshi is the best place for you. Moshi is filled with coffee farms, and you can take many walking tours through the farms to explore the beautiful plants and see how the coffee is grown, picked, extracted, and packed for shipment. You will find it comforting to surround yourself with Moshi’s beautiful aromas and colors. 

East Africa is great for escaping from life and getting fresh air. You can always learn more about the beautiful countries in this region, including Tanzania. With so many options that are filled with greenery, you cannot go wrong in the itinerary you select. Check out our Guide to Air Travel in Tanzania to plan your perfect trip.