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5 Reasons Flying is the Safest Way to Travel

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]5 Reasons Flying is the Safest Way to Travel

Despite what you might say, flying is still the safest mode of travel. Especially when it comes to Tanzania, a beloved country for travellers everywhere, flying seems to be the best way to get around in the country. Here are five reasons why.

‍1. Speed – let’s face it- if you need to get somewhere and fast, flying is the best way to do it. The flights are mostly on time and if there is a cancellation, you have other alternatives that can be made for you. Getting across places without getting caught in traffic snarls and jams, bad roads and road blocks is a dream for everyone, everywhere. The way to do it is to fly. This way you can cram as much as possible into your trip. Tanzania offers more than enough for multiple trips, anyway!

‍2. Covering long distances – Tanzania is massive! The distances are so vast that if you try the road or rail to get from one place to another, most of your holiday will be over! There’s nothing to beat a flight when it comes to covering huge distances. If you choose your time well, you can get great deals and discounts too. Plan your trip keeping in mind the closest airport and how to get to where you want to go, from there. This will help you figure out how much time you’ll actually take to traverse distances.

‍3. Having fun while flying – while Tanzania is a large country, the flights that ply in it are small in size. Fun size, if you’d like to call it that. That means flying is a personal experience. What’s more, it’s perfect for bonding when you’re travelling in a group. Let’s not forget the spectacular views that will accompany you on your trip. Looking at the beauty of Tanzania is an experience that you’re not likely to forget in a hurry. An aerial safari that will have you reaching for cameras!

4. Boarding and disembarking speed – because of the small size of the flight, the number of passengers is less. This makes getting into and out of a plane, a quick process. This is important, especially when you’re travelling with people who may need more assistance. Women with children, physically disabled, older people, for instance. The comfort of knowing that this is a no-hassles process is truly reassuring.

‍5. Periodical checks – the thing about aircraft is how much time and effort goes into their maintenance. You may not be able to handle a serious issue once the flight is in the air. So flights go through checks and rechecks, making them safer than your annually maintained car or any commercial vehicle.

Apart from all this, safety in flights is also built by having trained staff on hand. Every member of the flight deck knows how to handle a crisis, no matter what it is. Having this kind of support is invaluable in times of need. The pilots are experienced and know the lay of the land well and can also prove to be wonderful guides when needed.