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5 Reasons to Fly with As Salaam Air

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]5 Reasons to Fly with As Salaam Air

The airline in Tanzania As Salaam Air was set up in 2011. In the eight years since its establishment, the air service has proved itself time and time again. There are many reasons to fly with As Salaam Air. Here are the main five reasons to do so.

1. Island expert – in every country, we can do well with a guide. And when the guide is the air service itself, help comes our way from the first step itself. No one does the islands better than As Salaam Air. From the fragrant and ancient island of Zanzibar to the coral reef off the coast at Pemba, from the quick stopover at Dar es Salaam on the way to the reserves and national parks of Tanzania, to the capital Dodoma, and to Arusha, the air service will get you everywhere. Ten routes are at your disposal and travel is made simple at each turn.

‍2. Reliability – As Salaam Air has built its reputation on reliability, service, comfort and safety. This makes it really the only choice for a great aircraft choice. The planes have an excellent safety record and you can travel safe here. What’s more, there are flight options every day of the week. If you’re flying to Dodoma, you can look at a flight on all days except the weekend and Wednesday.

3. Good for the Environment – the two aircraft, Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia and the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan are not only safe vehicles but are also good for the environment. In a country with such diverse and beautiful flora and fauna, it is imperative that everyone does their bit to protect the ecology of the place. The flights are maintained regularly, and proper training and support is provided to the staff.

‍4. Attractive Prices – imagine flying to Zanzibar for less than$45? That’s what As Salaam Air promises you and delivers too. The booking service is available online, by phone and email. For group tours and large groups, you can talk to them about something better. The Embraer can seat more than 25 passengers and may be an ideal choice for your large group. The founder of the service, Captain Abdul Satar knows the business and knows what the customers want. This attention to detail is met by everyone in the service.

5. Punctuality – while Tanzania has great food and music and you can enjoy yourself in all its destinations, there’s one place where there’s no light-heartedness- As Salaam Air and being on time. That’s right, the aircraft service is known for its impeccable keeping up of time. As you travel distances in the comfortable seating of the flights of As Salaam Air, you will not notice time or distance being traversed. So, go ahead and make plans- this flight service will not let you down.

Forget the world of inflight entertainment and artifice. With As Salaam Air, the best and most immersive experiences are right out of your window.