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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Arusha


East Africa is a heaven for travel lovers, as it offers a number of unique and life changing experiences. Tourists can shop at local markets, swim in crystalline waters, enjoy spa holidays on serene beaches, view wildlife in stunning safari parks, canoeing at tranquil lakes, or hike up rocky mountains. A great place for tourists to visit in East Africa is Arusha, a breathtaking region that is home to spectacular birds and wildlife. Arusha National Park is one of the top rated safari destinations in the country. Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about Arusha.


  1. The region has a rich archeological history

Arusha has a rich, interesting archeological history which tourists can learn about and explore at locations such as Olduvai Gorge. Also known as Oldupai, this spot is where scientists found fossil fragments in the 1960s. These fossils are evidence of some of the oldest known human species that are dated to 1.9 million years ago. Another name for this amazing location is the “cradle of humankind.” Tourists can find ancient fossils and tools here.


  1. You can take a day trip for a cultural tour

While Arusha is known for its safari experience and natural beauty, tourists should know that they can also enjoy a great cultural tour here. They can visit Tenguru, a peri-urban town that is home to lush banana fields, small scale farms, coffee plantations, and traditional mountain homesteads. Travelers can also take a day trip to Mshiri Village where they can interact with the local mountain tribe, called the Chagga people, and learn about their culture, lifestyle. and traditions. They can walk around the fertile fields of these traditional farmers and explore the thatched huts at Marangu Mtoni. A must-see spot is the Mshiri Vocational Training School where tourists can connect with young artisans and witness the craft of woodworking.


  1. It is home to a geological oddity

Arusha is also home to a unique and extraordinary volcanic mountain which has a rare form of lava that cannot be found anywhere else. With its name translating to ‘Mountain of God’, Ol Doinyo Lengai is a stunning volcano near the Gregory Rift. The lava fountains turn hard middair, which is a unique natural and geological phenomenon. Tourists can climb up the rocky slopes, and enjoy the breathtaking view of the surroundings. This is the only volcano known to have carbonatitite, a rare low-temperature lava that is black like oil, but cools to a whitish powder.


  1. You can visit the Natural History Museum

Although the National Museum of Tanzania in Dar Es Salaam is more popular among tourists, Arusha is home to an amazing Natural History Museum where one can learn about the archeological, paleontological, and anthropological history of Arusha. Located in an old German fort, called a boma, which dates back to the early 1900s, this is a great spot for history lovers to visit. Here, tourists can find ancient fossils, learn about the history of human evolution, live rescued animals, and a small botanical garden which is home to many protected species. The Museum was established in 1987 and is one of the top locations to visit.


  1. The local markets are a must-see location

The local markets of Arusha provide a unique insight into the local lifestyle of the region. Tourists can find bead jewelry, Maasai handicrafts, wood carvings, and local textiles. They can go to Soko Kuu, the Central Market, which is located at the heart of the city, or visit the smaller Kilombero Market which is not so crowded. The Monday Maasai markets are located just outside the town, and offer an authentic experience of the bustling and lively local lifestyle. Tourists can also visit the markets at Kisongo and Nanya, and enjoy buying souvenirs and keepsakes.