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7 Best Cities in Tanzania for Tourists


One of the most spectacular locations in tanzania is arusha, with views of mount meru and vivid greenery, this city is one of the best to visit. Arusha national park is home to leopards, hyenas, monkeys, buffaloes, giraffes, and exotic birds such as flamingos, woodpeckers, hornbills, egrets, guinea fowl, storks, pelicans, crowned eagles, and geese. In lake manyara, one of the most beautiful lakes in tanzania, visitors can find fish such as tilapia and catfish. Tourists can also interact with friendly locals and learn about the beautiful culture and heritage of the region.

2.Dar es salam

As the largest city in tanzania, dar es salaam offers an urban and modern experience of tanzania, with big shopping malls and bustling town squares. The national museum is a must-see as it offers an insight into the culture and history of the country. Guests could visit the lush botanical gardens, historical askari monument, or the cathedral, or take a trip to nearby areas such as coco beach, bongoyo island, and mbudya island.


Located in central tanzania, dodoma is the capital of the country and is home to most ministries and government buildings. Guests can go to the historical nyerere square, beautifully designed gaddafi mosque or jamatkhana ismaili mosque, the domed anglican church, the enormous catholic cathedral, or the modernist lutheran cathedral. With such landmarks, dodoma is a nice city to visit for an urban experience.


Moshi is a popular city as it is located at mount kilimanjaro. This pristine city is best for tourists as they can enjoy horse riding, camping, hiking, and climbing or trekking on the great mountain. Travellers can also go to breathtakingly beautiful spots such as the materumi waterfalls, kikuletwa hot springs, and lake chale.


Located on the gorgeous lake victoria, mwanza is the second largest city in tanzania, and is surrounded by beautiful hills. Tourists can learn about local life by visiting the mwaloni market or maasai market, enjoy nature by going to robert koch hill or saa nane national park, or gain an insight into the history of the region by planning a trip to the old german building. The spectacular lake victoria is home to animals such as hippopotamus, mongooses, rats, otters, waterbucks, shrews, and reedbucks.

6.Stone town

Stone town in zanzibar is an exciting location that must be on every tourist’s wish list. This beautiful city is home to displays of swahili culture, with winding streets, swahili architecture, and historical designs. This city acts as a gateway to zanzibar’s beaches and islands, such as nungwi, kendwa, and pongwe. The best part about visiting stone town is that visitors can enjoy the mouth watering street food, with dishes such as zanzibar pizza, date nut bread, octopus curry, ginger curry, sugarcane juice, pilao, and biryani.


On lake tanganyika, the beautiful city of kigoma is another great location for tourists to visit. Tourists can visit old buildings from the german colonial era, and a landmark called kaiser house. Nearby, villages such as katonga and kibirizi allow travellers to interact with, and learn from the local people. The city acts as a gateway to amazing locations such as mahale mountains national park, and gombe national park where they can spot chimpanzees and other wildlife. Lake tanganyika is home to 250 species of the rainbow cichlid fish, and offers exciting activities such as boating and snorkelling.