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7 Fabulous Places to Visit in Zanzibar

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Zanzibar is actually an archipelago that consists of many islands. The main island is generally known as Zanzibar though it is officially known as Unguja. It is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania. Travellers to Tanzania make it a point to visit Zanzibar. Given below are 7 fabulous places to visit in Zanzibar:

Stone Town:

The curving lanes, the bikes, the architecture, the doorways, the old world charm will surely bewitch you. Stone Town is this and more. You should visit the Forodhani gardens, Freddie Mercury’s house, the Anglican cathedral etc. You should try out the food in Stone Town, it is quite good. You should try the Zanzibar pizza when here, you will surely love it.

Nungwi Beach:

If you love to relax on a beach and take in the sun or occasionally dip in the water or if you want to watch the sunset, then Nungwi beach is the place to go to. Nungwi village is very small and does not have a big population, so you are assured of peace and quiet. Also the clear blue water and the white sand beaches are alluring.

Prison Island:

As the name suggests, the island used to be a prison. It used to be a place where slaves were kept before being sent to other places. Once slavery was abolished the island was used as a place to quarantine people who had contracted deadly diseases. Now the prison is in ruins and you can visit and understand how difficult it must have been for the slaves. But the good part is that the island is a nature reserve now and you can find some of the wonderful tortoises that you will ever see.

Spice Tour:

While in Zanzibar you should not miss the spice tour. Zanzibar is known as spice island and in this land of spices you can visit a farm and learn about the varieties of spices grown, you can learn how they are harvested and how they should be used in food and the best part at the end of the tour you will be provided with tasty food made using spices grown in the farm. Just to get to taste the food is enough for most people to go on a spice tour.

Jozani Forest:

If you want to see the red colobus monkey in its habitat you should visit the Jozani Forest. The forest is one of the few remaining in Zanzibar. You can marvel at the ferns and the trees that grow here. You can also acquaint yourself with the wildlife in this part of the world.

Palace Museum:

The museum is located in one of the oldest buildings in Stone Town the Sultan’s Palace. It was the residence of the Sultan but now it has been converted into a museum. You can view the things used by the Sultan in his glory days.

House of Wonders:

This is the tallest building in Zanzibar and you can easily find it. It is a place where exhibitions are conducted and you can learn about the local culture here.

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