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A Complete Guide to Diving in Pemba

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A Complete Guide to Diving in Pemba

Pemba Island is located just north of Zanzibar and offers some breathtaking scenery. It boasts a channel with nearly vertical walls, there are plenty of diving sites that offer the experience of a lifetime. Pemba contains both soft as well as hard coral reefs that are home to a variety of marine animals.

If you are a first timer and you want to learn how to dive before embarking on the underwater adventures in Pemba, PADI certified dive schools can help you gain the skills you need. They offer an eLearning facility which you can take prior to making your trip and then gain the practical experience once you reach Pemba.

Let’s take a look at some of the best diving sites in Pemba island.

Fundi Gap

This is to be found about an hour’s boat ride south of Njao. Here you will find five locations for diving. These are the Pinnacle, The Coral Garden, Mandela Wall, South Wall, and Crack. One of the reasons that make Fundi Gap one of the best diving spots is the clear blue waters that make visibility easy. The corals and the marine life around here are seen to be believed.

Shimba Hills

The 2 diving sites for Shimba Hills create a valley that is 12 meters deep. Here you can see barrel sponges, fusiliers, red sea sweetlips and tooth triggerfish. If you are a novice diver Shimba hills may be the perfect dive spot for you.

Swiss Reef

Swiss reef has 3 diving areas which are parallel to the wall. You will dive down 26 meters and is ideal for the experienced diver. Having reached it, you will be in awe of the marine life.

Scorpions Secret

This diving site starts off at 5 meters and goes down to a depth of about 18 meters. It is easily visible and the current here is slow which makes it among the best spots for novice divers.

‍The Edge

This is the final wall before Pemba Island descends down to the channel. It falls steep right from about 30 meters deep so it’s best for expert divers. Among the plenty of marine life here are barrels sponges, coral reefs and you will find plenty of napoleons fish here.

So, what is the best time to visit Pemba island? You will need to avoid the rains and anytime between May and November is ideal. The temperatures during this time reach a high of 28 degrees Celsius and a low of 25 degrees Celsius which is very ideal for underwater adventures.

Getting to Pemba island shouldn’t be too hard. You can take a flight from Zanzibar or even take a ferry ride or boat ride. To travel on the island, you can take dala dalas. These mini buses are cheap and will help you get from one area to the next quite fast.