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A First Time Visitors Guide to Dar es Salaam

A First Time Visitors Guide to Dar es Salaam


Visiting Dar es Salaam can be an exhilarating experience for the first time because it is a commercial hub and also the largest city in Tanzania. It is a bustling city with a unique heritage of culture, history, and city life. Dar es Salaam is well-known for having the busiest seaports in East Africa. At first glance, it may seem like Dar es Salaam is not a place for tourists. However, it is the perfect city to start your tour if you want to live and experience the life of a local. 

Furthermore, Dar es Salaam has many tourist attractions and cultural sites that will allow you to explore the unique history of the Tanzania. If you are visiting Dar es Salaam and you don’t know where to go, check out some of these fantastic places.

A trip to one of the largest water parks in the region

If you are with your family or you love adventure, the Wellworth Kunduchi Wet’ N’ Wild West Park is the perfect place for you. The park is a significant tourist attraction, and many locals also visit the park with their families. It also takes you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The park offers an array of attractions and fun experiences, including 29 water slides and pools. It also has restaurants and other fun activities. 

The Park is located near Wellworth Kunduchi Beach Hotel and Resort.


A Getaway Island

Bongoyo Island is another breakaway from Dar es Salaam city life. You will need to take a boat from the Slipway Pier to reach the island. You can find many tour operators offering half-day and full-day trips to Bongoyo Island from your hotel or at the pier. Bongoyo Island is a place where you can enjoy the calmness and peace of the waters and spend time relaxing on the sandy beaches. You can also go snorkelling and explore the beautiful coral reef.


A Historical Trip Through Village Museum

Away from all the fun-filled action and adventure, but full of wonders and knowledge, is The Village Museum. If you love learning about other cultures, the Village Museum will teach you a lot about the heritage and history of Tanzanian tribes. The museum stretches across 15 acres and has life-size tents and tribal homes of the many different tribes in Tanzania. Each home is also decorated with beautiful crafts associated with each tribe’s heritage.  


Learn about culture in the National Museum & House of Culture

Continue your journey of learning by visiting the National Museum & House of Culture. On your way to the museum, you will also get to see the Askari Monument, a monument dedicated to African Soldiers. The National Museum consists of five museums that display historical and cultural artefacts, fossils, statues, carvings and collections. You can learn a lot about Tanzania from this museum.


Dar es Salaam is the Pride of Tanzania

Dar es Salaam is considered the Pride and Peace of Tanzania. The culture, history, and commercial value make Dar es Salaam one of the most influential and must-visit places in Tanzania. Furthermore, the city life and markets allow you to explore and learn, and the getaways also provide you with fun adventures. 

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