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A Solo Backpacking Guide to Tanzania

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For those of you who have been considering a trip to Tanzania, there are so many reasons to go. Many people worry that it is not a great place to head without being part of a group. but this isn’t the case. If you are a solo traveler, this is a great place to go and experience new things. You are going to want to have a plan and know where you are going and what you are doing, so you will not miss anything from this once in a lifetime trip.

Traveling Light and Easy

One thing that is important to think about is the fact that you are only going to have two hands. You are not going to want to get bogged down with lots of bags. There will be situations where overpacking is only going to make things needlessly complex. It is best to pack only what you need and have a bit more spontaneity.

It will be important to make sure you pack all the essentials for your trip first. These items will include a good hat, good walking shoes, lightweight clothing as well is perfect for covering up when you are on safari. While it is very hot and humid, covering up makes it easier to keep the sun out and to ensure that you can do away with some of the insect bites.

You will want to pack a swimsuit, but it is important to ensure that you leave the small bathing suit at home. Especially if you are a female traveler, you will need to remember that the environment of the country does not allow for strolling about in a bathing suit. It is one thing if you are on the private beaches of a resort, but quite another if you are in the street shopping. There may be some frustration and even some ire that would be incurred from the locals. One way to ensure that you are comfortable and covered is to wear a few sarongs which will be both comfortable and appropriate for the theme of the vacation.

Go Solo, or join others

There are many solo travelers in the region. It is easy to join groups of other solo travelers headed out on safari or other excursions. Check out the social media groups set up specifically for this purpose. Costs are shared, and the company of other like minded individuals is what learning is about.

Have a Great Guide

When you are visiting new places, you want to have a good guide. No one wants to go to a place like the Serengeti and get lost. Having a great guide will help you to have a fun trip and will ensure that you are going to have a fun trip without feeling rushed when you are touring with others. When you are working with a guide as well, they will be a huge source of knowledge which is very helpful when you are on a solo trip and will mean that you are able to get more important questions answered that will make you trip way more fun.

Choose the Correct Accommodation

Because of the popularity that is rising with many people who are traveling to Tanzania alone, there are many places who have stopped charging a fee for travelers who travel alone. What that means is that it is possible to stay at many of the properties in the west and the south without having to pay double the price. Having time to contemplate the day over coffee is one of those moments that is priceless, it also ensures that there are many locations that have dinners as well that are for solo travelers. There are also many lodges that have communal dinners and options for you to meet the other people who are staying at your lodge.

Always Better to Be Safe

Tanzanians are well known for being friendly all over the world. But as a solo traveler it is important to ensure that you are not out alone at night. You also want to ensure that you are taking public cabs and public transportation. You never want to hitch a ride anywhere alone. It is important to ensure that you are not keeping all your cash and valuables in one place alone either. It is always scary being stuck without something that you need in a foreign country.

Consider Volunteering

If you have wanted to make sure that you feel that you have more of a safety net when you travel you may want to consider signing up for one of the many volunteer opportunities. There are many places that you can cut the cost of your travel and you will become very familiar with the local people. There are many schools as well as orphanages that need help. It is a great way to get to know people and find some of the best local spots to visit as well.

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