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Advantages of Air Travel | As Salaam Air

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There are many advantages to air travel. This is especially true in the country of Tanzania. Here’s why.

‍1. Covering a lot in little – Tanzania is so huge that distances can be daunting. If you’re planning to do a lot in very little time, then you have to get around quickly. That mode of transport is an aircraft. Think about this – the highest and lowest point in the continent of Africa is in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro at 5895 metres above sea level is the highest point and the floor of Lake Tanganyika at 352 meters is the lowest. Just the sheer diversity in habitat means you’ll need to get really fast from one place to another. The aircraft is the right mode for it.

‍2. Road conditions – Tanzania, has poor roads in patches, bad driving habits are not rare, and many roadblocks. During tourist season the roads can be blocked and long traffic jams are the norm. The best way to avoid all this is to rise above it all, quite literally. Do so by flying.

‍3. Alacrity – in other words, speed. When time is of the essence, as it so often is in a holiday, you need to be swift. What better way to do it than to fly?

4. Sheer joy – the sheer fun of flying cannot be beaten. Take in as much as you can of this beautiful country by flying high above it.

5. Ease – the ease of boarding and disembarking in As Salaam Air cannot be stressed enough. You don’t want to sit around waiting to get to a place. Swift entry into and exit from the aircraft is what you need.

‍6. Travel together – so much of the fun of a group tour comes when you travel together. If your group is large, hiring a vehicle may not be feasible. You might need more than one vehicle to travel, thus splitting the group. A flight saves you from this issue. Travel together and enjoy yourself together.

‍7. Safer option – buses can crash, vehicles can break down, but flights are safer, it is said. If you’re travelling alone or have older people with you who may find the journey daunting, air travel makes sense.

8. Conserving energy – let’s face it- road travel is tiring. The jolting action of the bus, the ups and downs in the road can all drain your energy. By the time you reach your destination, you may not really be in the mood to sightsee, defeating the purpose of the holiday! Save energy and health by air travel.

‍9. Affordability – while flights are expensive, they are not as unaffordable as you might think. If you book during off-season or you book for your entire group, you can get great discounts and deals too./p>

‍10. Connectivity – sometimes air travel is the only way to get someplace. It’s that simple. If that be the case, you must use only air travel. For instance, when it comes to beach destinations, no one does it better than As Salaam Air. If you’re looking to fly between islands, this is the source of transport to use.