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Adventure at Dodoma Skate Park

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The Dodoma Skate Park is an ambitious entertainment project that was launched to attract the youth who had dropped out of school and could not secure meaningful employment due to lack of skills.It was funded and built by Skate-Aid, a German-based Non-governmental organization through the Don Bosco Missionaries in Tanzania. This park is a replica of earlier skate parks constructed in both Kenya and Uganda.

Adventures at the Skate Park

Skateboarding is both a sport and a lifestyle. Kids have done it for ages and only recently has it developed in to an extreme sport. Not only does skateboarding offer adventure and excitement,but it is also an effective way to move from point A to point B. That is if you’re good at it, because lack of proper skills and equipment can cause you nasty injuries. Here are some of the benefits you get from using the Dodoma Skate Park:

• Full body workout: Skateboarding offers the body a full body workout as you move your feet and legs. You use your arms for balance. You twist your body as you move, and all these things must happen simultaneously offering a variety of movements.

• Provides flexibility: As you move, your body remains firm as your ankles remain flexible. If you’re tense and inflexible, the harder it is to skate.

• Improves precision: To skate successfully, your many motions will need to align correctly so that if you fail, you can rise and continue, again and again. You can place your feet differently on the board, change your timing and adjust your speed.

• Improves coordination: The sport involves a lot of coordination between your eyes, arms, legs, and feet. The more you skate, the more you improve coordination

• Burns calories: You can burn between 150 to 500 calories per hour of skating

At the moment, Dodoma Skate Park is the only skate park in Tanzania and is home to more than 200 skateboarders. The aim was to set up a facility that would nurture the sport as an income earner and help the youth from staying idle and addicted to drugs.

The complete sports facility, which houses the concrete skate park is accessible by students of the Don Bosco education centre and neighbouring schools, including local unemployed teenagers free of charge.The original idea was to make the park multi-functional and accommodate as many sports disciplines as possible. Later a large open area for concerts and other performances was added, and the external layers of the park can be used as stands for spectators when matches are going on in the two soccer fields.