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Adventure Travel in Dodoma

Custom built as the political capital of Tanzania, Dodoma is a lovely urban area, 500 miles away from the coast and Mount Kilimanjaro, and home to 400,000 inhabitants. As it is home to ministries, offices, and government buildings, the city does not invite many tourists, but it should be visited by guests as it is easily accessible via road, train, or airplane, the weather is pleasant (warm and dry) at most times, and visitors can easily find delicious cuisines from all over the world.


Travel lovers are busy planning amazing trips for when COVID-19 is over. Once travel resumes, tourists should enjoy memorable, unique, and adventurous trips to locations such as Dodoma. Here are some fun landmarks to visit, and adventures to experience in Dodoma!


  1. Dodoma Skate Park

Dodoma Skate Park is an exciting spot where tourists can enjoy skateboarding and support the local economy. The Park was built to ensure that young people were spending their time in a nurturing, safe environment, get employment without any well developed skills, and learn a healthy and entertaining sport. Home to over 200 skate- boarders, the concrete park is a must-see location in Dodoma.


  1. Vineyards

Dodoma is surrounded by a rich landscape, as vines were planted near the Kondoa region in the Dodoma district. In the 1960s, a 5 acre vineyard was planted in Dodoma’s Isanga Prison. Tourists can visit this spot, where red, white, and rosé wine is made from grapes, and other fruits like mangoes, plums, and bananas.


  1. Lion Rock

An adventure trip is incomplete without a trekking experience. Lion Rock, also known as Mlimwa or Simba Hill, offers a rocky hike which allows tourists to enjoy a stunning aerial view of the city.


  1. Kondoa Irangi Paintings

Said to be over 50,000 years old, the Kondoa Irangi Paintings are a series of rock art carved into a hillside. There are between 150 to 450 decorated rocks, which display ancient Kolo rock paintings. Tourists can enjoy a walking or cycling tour of the village, and interact with locals to learn about their culture and lifestyle. They can meet storytellers and visit traditional homes, to make their trip enriching.


  1. Nyerere Square

Located in the heart of Dodoma, this town square is a great historic landmark. It used to be a local market but was then built as a town square. Visitors can take a walk in the park, take pictures, or visit Chef Asili for good food. The square has a statue of Julius Kambarage Nyerere, who was the national founder of Tanzania.


  1. Chinagali Grapevine

Chinagali has a 300 acre farm where tourists can observe red and white grapes and learn about their growing process. Not only are the grapevines beautiful, but the visit is also educational. If visitors go in March or August/September, they can also witness harvest.


  1. Gaddafi Mosque

Situated in the centre of the city, this pink mosque sees around 4500 worshippers, and is situated at the centre of the city. This beautifully designed mosque is one of the largest in East Africa and is great for a short trip, along with the Jamatkhana Ismaili mosque which has a neoclassical British design. The intricate architecture and peaceful atmosphere of the mosques provides an insight into local culture.


  1. The Churches

The domed Anglican church is a great landmark, which can be visited along with the modernist Lutheran Cathedral. Travellers can also go to the enormous Catholic Cathedral which is famous for its Roman style mosaics that display saints. Like the mosques, these sites are free to visit and evoke a sense of reverence in the visitors.


  1. Museum of GeoSciences

Another cool spot in Dodoma is the Museum of GeoSciences, where visitors can find interesting geological collections and rock samples.


  1. Bunge

As Dodoma is the political capital, a trip is incomplete without going to Bunge, which are the African styled Parliament buildings. These are open and can be visited during sessions, but travellers must carry their passports, for safety and security reasons.


These ten locations are the top spots that tourists must see on their trip to Dodoma, to ensure that they can have a vacation filled with fun, adventure, learning, scenic views, and memorable experiences!