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Amazing Tours to Take When in Dar es Salaam

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Amazing Tours to Take When in Dar es Salaam

The city of Dar es Salaam is full of excitement and there is always something to do when you have free time in the city. Like any metropolis, there are the standard things that everyone does when they come to the city. However, this city has quite a few amazing cultural escapades which will offer you a chance to see the city and all it has to offer. Check out this list of exclusive locations you must see in Dar es Salaam.

‍1. The Slipway: This is a great collection of shops to find whatever you may be looking for. You can watch the sunset or take in the local flavor. The shopping center is in the Msasani area of the city right next to the water. The Slipway is right next to the yacht club, so it is the perfect place to catch a boat to a nearby island or to take an excursion on a day long fishing trip. There are all kinds of shops as well as local restaurants to allow for buying of fine art or some local flavor.

‍2. The Village Museum: If you are in the city and want to see what life used to be like in Tanzania. The Village Museum is a must see. It is an open-air museum that explains what life was like in the region. The museum has art, artifacts, huts, and tours which explain the lifestyle of the Agr people and other native peoples.

3. Kivukoni Fish Market: This is one of the best locations in the city for a truly authentic experience. If you are seeking to see what the work of daily laborers looks like, this is a place to visit. There are many sections of the market with different activities, you can see the seafood auctioned, cleaned, cut, and cooked. It is a great place to have some very fresh seafood and ginger tea.

4. Mwenge Woodcarver’s Market: This is a fantastic place to buy local souvenirs. The prices are generally low here and it is possible to buy paintings, jewelry, and anything wooden you can imagine. If you are looking for a great place to bargain and take in the afternoon, there are some amazing items here to see and to experience.

‍5.Coco Beach: Located right outside the city Coco Beach is an excellent place to take in the sun and enjoy the beauty surrounding you. If you want to take in the sun and the surf in a place that is not covered with tourism this is it.

6. The National Museum: This museum is open daily and has a whole host of artifacts as well as fossils. It is a perfect place to take in the history and look at fossils from the area. In addition to that, there is a very large section as well speaking about the evolution of man and the slave trade.

‍7. Kariakoo Market: This is a place that sells pretty much everything. If you are looking for clothes, daily provisions, or anything else, it is the place to shop. The market has affordable prices on things that will cost a premium in other locations. This ensures that you are going to be able to stay on a budget as well when you are low on funds.

8. St. Joseph Cathedral: This is a lovely cathedral where English services are given on Sundays. There is also a prayer garden along the outside of the cathedral which is a perfect place for a passerby to have a moment of silence.

9. Kunduchi Wet and Water Park: If you have little ones with you, this is a great way to get them cooled down. There are many waterslides and pools that will allow you to relax and the kids to have a lot of fun.

10. The Zoo: There is an incredible zoo with all kinds of beautiful animals. It is a great place to walk and enjoy the beauty. The zoo is so large that the suggested tour time is three hours.

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