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An Enchanting Experience: Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a beautiful island located off the coast of Tanzania. The island is home to long stretches of white sandy beaches, beautiful historical landmarks, delicious local food and many interesting activities. It’s a great place for a family or a romantic getaway!

Top Activities in Zanzibar 

Here are some of the top activities in Zanzibar that will allow you to have an enchanting experience:

  1. Explore the mystical Stone Town

Stone Town, with its narrow streets, beautiful ancient architecture and lively, colorful markets, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore the town on your own two feet or rent a bicycle!


  1. Explore a spice farm

Zanzibar is also known as the Spice Island owing to the numerous spices that are grown here. You can observe different spice plants and learn how the spices are extracted. Don’t forget to take some back home!


  1. Enjoy delicious food at the Forodhani Gardens Food Market

The Forodhani Gardens Food Market is home to delicious local street food including mishkaki, Zanzibari pizza, chipsi mayai, and many other delicacies that you can only find in East Africa!


  1. Head over to a private island

The Zanzibar Archipelago contains many private islands including Chapwani, Mnemba and Chumbe islands. Enjoy your exclusive stay here on a romantic getaway!


  1. Go on a sunset dhow cruise

A sunset dhow cruise lets you take in beautiful views of the Indian Ocean as the sun paints the sky with hues of orange, red and yellow. 


  1. Explore Jozani Forest

Go on the mangrove boardwalk, check out the swamp forest, and spot the rare Red Colobus and Sykes monkeys. It’s a beautiful forest where you get to interact with many primates!


  1. Enjoy watersports activities

Zanzibar is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, providing excellent watersports opportunities. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling, kitesurfing, paddleboarding and windsurfing. Paje, Jambiani and Kendwa are the best beaches for watersports. 


  1. Go fishing

The Indian Ocean is home to a diverse range of fish for you to catch. Go on a fishing cruise with charters located at various beaches throughout Zanzibar. 


  1. Have lunch at the Rock Restaurant

The Rock Restaurant is a unique restaurant located in the Indian Ocean. It’s surrounded by water on all sides, and is located off the coast of Pingwe. A boat takes you to the Restaurant, where you enjoy your meal.


  1. Relax on the pristine beaches

Zanzibar is home to pristine and beautiful beaches including Nungwi, Paje, Kendwa and Jambiani beaches. Sit back and relax at these beaches while enjoying quality time with your family. 


If you happen to visit Zanzibar, try to plan your trip around any of the annual festivals that take place here so that you can enjoy the full Zanzibar experience. 

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Zanzibar and have an enchanting experience! Don’t forget to check out the Tanzania Travel Guide while you’re there.