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Attractions for Sports Enthusiasts in Dodoma

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Attractions for Sports Enthusiasts in Dodoma

In the past, there have been plans to construct a modern sporting facility on the outskirts of Dodoma. Key among these were football and netball pitches, a swimming pool, gym, and a multi-purpose hall. As the city braced itself to host more and more government and agency offices, sports was identified as a significant recreational activity. And besides traditional sports like soccer and basketball, others included hiking, trail running, rugby, mountain bike riding, and volleyball.

‍Jamhuri stadium

The Jamhuri sports complex is a multi-purpose stadium in Dodoma. It was constructed to seat more than 10,000 fans and is the principal arena for staging football matches and other sports in the city. The local star attraction club is the JKT Ruvu Stars. Their arch rivals in the domestic league are the Polisi Dodoma Club. There is a carnival atmosphere whenever the two meet at the stadium.

Here are other activities for sporting enthusiasts in Dodoma:


Hiking on Lion rock is fun. This is a hilly area that grants an aerial view of the city from the northern side of the region. You can enjoy a beautiful glimpse of the entire area of Dodoma and the hill doubles as a favourite hangout for travellers visiting the city for the first time. It is also a favourite hangout for weekend excursions.

Mountain bike riding

The Kondoa Irangi Rock paintings area is a good place go to mountain bike riding. These are a series of caves carved on the side of a hilly area. The rock is located about 10 km north of Kondoa town.The city is a historical site favoured for the paintings which are reputed to date back some 50,000 years. The number of art sites is not known, and tourists are encouraged to scout the area in the hope of identifying other unrecorded sites.


If you are keen on skating, then head to the Dodoma Skate park. This is an incredible high adrenaline sport favoured by both young and old alike. Opened in 2011 and created with financial help from the Don Bosco Mission, it seeks to tap youth talent and mould skills that can earn an income and divert their attention from crime.

‍St. Gaspar Gym and Fitness

For those looking to tone their biceps,midriff, and hips, the St. Gaspar Gym is the place to go in Dodoma. Expertly managed and professionally equipped, they offer all that you need for an excellent workout.


The Dodoma Basketball Development League is an organization that sponsors the Dodoma Spurs basketball team. They offer tournaments, training and development of the game to local groups as well as schools and colleges in the larger Dodoma.