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Beachfront Dining in Zanzibar

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When it comes to Zanzibar it is quite an amazing dining experience with the beauty of the beach and the sea air wafting in from the ocean. The experience is one that you will probably never experience again unless you become one of those tourists who is always in the process of planning their next trip. If that were the case, who could blame you? Eating on the beach is a truly unique experience that cannot be had anywhere else. Doing it with such fresh seafood and ingredients is something that only happens occasionally.

Here are a few options for beach front dining that are both high brow and low brow depending on if you want to wear heels or a sarong to the occasion.

‍1. Zuri Zanzibar: This is a location with a fusion menu of Indian, European, Arabic, and African tastes. This is a way to truly experience everything that the ocean has to offer. In addition to that, the ocean is on the beach and also offers pool side dining as well. You can find the Zuri Here: Kendwa Zanzibar, 73107, Tanzania

2. Upendo Restaurant: This is a location that is part of a resort and that serves Indian and African fusion fare. The place is very laid back and offers live cooking shows. There is a great porch as well which overlooks the sea and is perfect for breakfast or dinner. There is a huge bar known as the Peponi which is attached that has a view of the sea. There are wonderful cocktails and a huge selection of drinks. You can find the Upendo Here: Kendwa Zanzibar, 73107, Tanzania

3. The Beach House: One of the most popular restaurants in Zanzibar is the beach house. It is a place with amazing tastes as well as great music that is perfect for a formal or laid-back meal. This is a beachfront bar and grill that is going to get the attention of anyone who has been here and make them want to return again. The menus and the décor are a part of the history of Zanzibar. Bring your flipflops and your smiles to enjoy the sunset right on the beach. You can find the Beach House Here; Shangani St, Zanzibar 4255, Tanzania.

4. The Sea Horse Restaurant: This is a great location if you are looking for an authentic meal of fresh seafood. It is located right on the beach outside the village of Jambiani, the sign is very small and you could miss it if you did not know what you were looking for. The atmosphere is very casual as people come as they are and enjoy the beauty of dinner in the sun and waves. The restaurant is perfect for a laid back evening or for dinner. They have a huge selection of tropical drinks and they also have fresh food of all kinds. If you are in the mood for seafood this is the place. You can find the restaurant here: On the Beach just north of the Village, Jambiani, Tanzania

Dining on the beach in Zanzibar is an incredible experience. Between the fresh food and the beachy vibe, you will be ready to enjoy an experience that is unlike any other. Zanzibar is the definition of the exotic and it will transport you to another mindset and possible time and space.