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Beautiful Hiking Trails For Trekking in Dar es salaam

Hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing are some of the most amazing activities that tourists and adventure seekers can enjoy in Dar Es Salaam. In this vibrant and bustling city of Tanzania, one can enjoy sightseeing, spice tours, parties at nightclubs and bars, shopping, and street food. For those who wish to enjoy hiking and trekking, here are some of the top trails that they must visit during their trip to Dar Es Salaam. 

  • Pugu Hills

Located 20 kilometers southwest of Dar Es Salaam, Pugu Hill is a beautiful hiking trail where tourists can enjoy trekking. At this peaceful location, tourists can enjoy scenic views of the lake, the lush vegetation, and bamboo circles. The region is home to animals such as hyenas, butterflies, cheetahs, leopards, giraffes, colobus monkeys, baboons, elephants, mongooses, pangolins, galagos, warthogs, jackals, and impalas. Visitors can trek up to locations such as the local cattle market, a cave that is seen as sacred by the Zaramo people, and the great bat caves which are home to many species of bats, such as the Tanzanian wooly bat, horseshoe bat, and Hildegarde’s tom bat. Pugu Hills Forest Reserve is one of the oldest forests in the world. The river Msimbazi flows through this coastal forest, making the region full of stunning flora and fauna, and attracting migratory birds which make it a great spot for bird watching. The trails are easy to hike and visitors don’t need to have a high fitness level or prior experience to go for them.

  • Jozani Forest

Jozani Forest is located in Zanzibar which can be accessed from Dar Es Salaam through a short and enjoyable ferry ride. Jozani Forest offers amazing bird watching as it is home to over 100 species of breathtaking birds, such as guineafowl, coucals, doves, pigeons, turacos, swifts, lapwings, sandpipers, herons, egrets, ducks, cormorants, ibises, vultures, kingfishers, owls, goshawks, woodpeckers, robins, swallows, starlings, weavers, and hornbills. This beautiful and tranquil location is also perfect for spotting animals such as Zanzibar Sykes’ monkey, Red Colobus monkeys, butterflies, bushbabies, snakes, geckos, chameleons, antelopes, squirrels, and giant tortoises. The flora and fauna of the forest is remarkable, as it is home to sycamores, mangroves, acacias, bamboos, jasmine, guava trees, swamp ferns, figs, forest olives, palm trees, and red mahoganies. One can also trek to the mangroves on the other side of the forest. The hiking experience is fun but is not challenging, allowing beginners to easily enjoy an exciting adventure.


  • Magoroto Forest Reserve

Another great hiking trail where travel lovers and adventure seekers can go for trekking is Magoroto Forest Reserve, a tropical rainforest located at a height of 850m above sea level. This amazing location has pleasant temperatures throughout the year and offers breathtaking views from the Muheza valley to the deep blue Indian ocean. Travelers can choose among 8 official trails based on the difficulty level of each, and fitness required. The region is excellent for bird watching and wildlife photography. Tourists can also find a number of man made lakes to dive or swim in. They can enjoy picnics, camping, or go fishing at the lake. During the hike, they can also enjoy the view of the waterfall!