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Best Visiting Time To Go To Dar es Salaam In Tanzania

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Best Visiting Time To Go To Dar es Salaam In Tanzania

Dar es Salaam is the erstwhile capital of Tanzania. The new capital is Dodoma but Dar es Salaam is still the largest city in the country and a major hub of business. Many tourists who visit Tanzania land in Dar es Salaam before proceeding to other places such as Kilimanjaro to climb the highest peak in Africa or to Serengeti to go on a safari or to Zanzibar to enjoy the beaches. Not many people land in Dar es Salaam to explore the city. They do not know what they are missing because Dar es Salaam is a wonderful place steeped in history and also has some great beaches.

Ideally if you visit in the dry season which is between June and October you will be assured of clearskies and you can enjoy your time in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. During the wet season known as the long rains which starts in March and ends by May you will find heavy showers
often during the day and pockets of sunshine now and then. During the short rains in November and December you will see rainfall but comparatively very less when compared to the long rains. The humidity in the country is usually high and the weather stays more or less between 18 to 32 degrees.
Actually the best visiting time to Dar es Salaam is throughout the year. The tourists who come here keep coming all through the year. If people like to soak in the sun in the dry climes, there are others who love to frolic in the water when the rain arrives. Each offers a different experience and people
are willing to enjoy it. Not just the water there are other reasons for people visiting Dar, one of them being a visit to the ruins in Kunduchi. Other reasons are to learn the tribal way of life by visiting the Village Museum etc.

A few of the best places to visit in Dar es Salaam are:

 Coco Beach – Coco Beach is the beach that is frequented by the local Dar residents. It is a beach where you will find a lot of people always; if you like crowds and the sea then you will love Coco Beach. The beach is also known for its nightlife.

 Nafasi Art Space – If you are an art connoisseur or if you are just a lover of art or even if you know nothing about art, you should visit Nafasi Art Space which is doing a great job by finding local talent. They scout local artists and help them monetarily and also promote them so that they can become successful artists. Every tourist should visit this place and support the local talent.

 National Museum – Everywhere I travel I make it a point to visit the museum if it happens to be there in that place. You can learn a lot from a museum and the National Museum and House of Culture in Dar es Salaam is no different. It boasts of a replica of the fossil of early man found at Olduvai Gorge. There are many other artefacts and memorabilia which will
surely help a tourist understand the legacy of the Tanzanian people.

 Bongoyo Island Trip – To reach Bongoyo Island you need to take the ferry from Slipway. It is a part of the conservation area but you can enjoy a great time in the waters, it is an ideal snorkelling getaway. The seafood is also great here and you should try it.