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Best Walking Tours in Tanzania

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When it comes to Tanzania, there are so many places that you can take amazing walking tours. It is hard to make a very distinct list. Here it is though from all the options the country has to offer.


  1. Ruaha National Park: There are not a ton of places in the country where you can look at incredible wilderness on your feet. One of these is the Kichaka Walking Safaris that are a part of the Ruaha National Park. This tour is in the quiet part of the park, and there is a camp that is located on the banks of the river. When you leave the camp, you will see that you are immediately in-game country. You will see elephants along the side of the riverbanks as well as many kinds of animals looking for fruits. You will also see sable, greater and lesser kudu, roan, and waterbuck as well in the area. Lions and leopards can also be seen sauntering up and down the riverbank, looking for a drink or a snack.


  1. Serengeti National Park: Everyone is familiar with the Serengeti unless you have been living under a rock. Here there is a famous migration as well as some of the best herd migrations in the world. Few people know that it is possible to do a walking safari when you are staying in a mobile camp. There are only a few companies that have the right to walk in the Serengeti as well which means that there are large areas where it is not possible to drive some of the vehicles. The thing that is important to look at as well as the hat when you are going out on foot you will see that the paving will be easier to maintain, and you will be able to see many beautiful things. The terrain is rolling and there are a few places from the rocks that you can see many campsites. There is shade as well that happens when you are upon a rocky bluff after you have climbed for a while. You will be able to sleep as well under the stars and have dinner around the campfire.



  1. Selous Game Reserve: This is a location that is full of rivers and tributaries, and you will love seeing all the beautiful fauna. In addition to this, there are tons of hippos as well as elephants in this area. Much of the Selous has a very thick brush and there are many places where the animals have created a network of trails that lead to the lakes. There are many places as well that makes walking very easy. What that also means is that there are many places as well that other cats work to make their way around the area as well. There is a lot of large game here and there are also many other waterways that make the route fun and special. There are many ways to take in the game and to relax. There are many places to take in a lakeshore as well as to sit in the shade and watch the wildlife go about their day. Also, there are many places to meet at a boat or to drift downstream at a fly camp.


  1. Katavi National Park: This park is a long way from anywhere in the world. There are only a few of the people that head to the other location and that means that there are walks here that you will see nowhere else in the world. There are many places as well that are seasonal flood plains that are amazing to look at and that means that you are going to enjoy the refuge you will see when you are there in the dry season. There are tons of animals here that are predator and prey and they must be seen to be believed. The number that is here is quite amazing and there are many pods of animals that can be crammed into the pools out there. When they are in these areas all the predators use the light to ensure that they can gather in the pools. That also means that there are going to be many that are headed here for a place to relax and to be cool. There are many walking areas that are explored at night and they are a part of the stay at Chadha Camo but there are many ways that longer walks can also be arranged. You have the option to sleep on bedrolls that are laid under the fronds of the palms and have access to plenty of amazing food and cold drinks. Katavi is very thrilling and it is very perfect if you want to have the excitement of a place to take in the wilderness and balance it with other kinds of enthusiasm.


  1. Tarangire: This park has been overlooked by many compared to its former and more famous neighbor. However, there are many people that are there just for a few moments before they move forward too quickly to other areas. This is an area that will always bring you the desire to be here more than once. That will come from the look as well as from the location because of the diversity that is here. There is a southern end of the park that is a wilder region and these areas have many different regions. There is a place there to do a night camp such as the Kuro Tarangire or this is a great place for an extended safari. One thing is for sure there are many kinds of wildlife that come here that are brought by the Maasai Steppe and the river. It is a location of water in the dry season that will always bring them back for more. It is an amazing place for a walking safari.


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