Best Destinations to Visit in Tanzania with As Salaam Air

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Best Destinations to Visit in Tanzania with As Salaam Air

Best Destinations to Visit in Tanzania with As Salaam Air

As Salaam Air is a flight operator in Tanzania. As Salaam Air is based in Zanzibar and runs flights to a few destinations is Tanzania. The best destinations to visit in Tanzania with As Salaam Air are:

Dar es Salaam – The former capital of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam is the biggest city in the country. The local populace affectionately call the city as Dar. The Museum is a major attraction here. The Askari Monument is also one of the major attractions. It depicts an Askari soldier pointing his bayonet to the sea. The Askari monument is a memorial to Askari soldiers who took part in World War I as part of the British troops. The monument is said to be at the exact centre point of the city. The city has a very vibrant nightlife and if you like your music then you will have a great time here. The city is close to some wonderful beaches and islands and you can go and enjoy the sun and sand there. Many people love to explore the islands around Dar es Salaam. The food with the exotic spices is out of the world. Every tourist should try the pilau, the biryani and the samosas.

Zanzibar – As Salaam Air the flight operator is based here, you can book flights to Tanzanian cities like Dar es Salaam, Dodoma and Pemba Island. The beach lovers’ tropical island of Zanzibar is well known the world over for its ancient spice and slave trade status, as well as being the birthplace of Queen’s Freddy  Mercury.In fact you should go on a spice tour and you will learn how spices are grown and how they are harvested etc. You will also learn how to use the spices in your food. You can even taste food made using the spices grown. You can buy spices for your home too during these tours. Apart from the spices, Zanzibar is a world famous snorkeling destination. The corals and the reefs are a snorkelers dream. The marine life is also a major attraction. Kitesurfing is another reason why many people flock Zanzibar. Kite surfers from around the world love to come and kite surf here. The wind and the sea is ideal for kitesurfing. The white sand beaches around Zanzibar is another reason for a traveller to visit the place. And last but not the least the world famous Rock of Zanzibar is here. People love to eat at this world renowned restaurant in the middle of the sea sitting on a rock.

Pemba – Pemba is part of the Zanzibar archipelago but is distinguished as a snorkeling destination. It is an ideal place to dive and snorkel because the waters are very clear here. The Ngezi Forest Reserve is also a nice place to visit. Food is wonderful in Pemba and you should try the culinary fare on offer here.

Dodoma – Dodoma is the official capital of Tanzania and houses the Bunge Parliament building. The Ismaili mosque is an architectural marvel. The Lion Rock of Simba Hill is a major attraction, you can view the city from this hill.

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