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Budget Travel to Dar es Salaam

Budget Travel to Dar es Salaam

When you plan a trip to East Africa, Dar es Salaam will always be on your itinerary. It is the erstwhile capital of Tanzania and is the place most people reach before heading to the famous safari tours or Mount Kilimanjaro expeditions or to explore the beaches of Zanzibar. There are many scheduled flights in Tanzania that depart from Dar es Salaam to other places in Tanzania, so staying at Dar es Salaam is a good idea and if you are on a budget it is better still.

If you do not have a lot to spend then you need not worry you can enjoy traveling in Dar es Salaam and have a great time. Some of the things that you can do without spending a lot are:

There are many beaches in Dar es Salaam and you will not need to spend much to reach there. These beaches are as good and some are even better than the ones that are in Zanzibar. Many people do not know that the beaches are great in Dar es Salaam too. The white sands and clear blue water is enough for a person to spend a whole day. You can also learn a lot about the culture of Dar es Salaam and have some great sea food at the restaurants nearby. Reaching is also easy as you can easily access these beaches mostly by taxi or rental car. To reach some beaches you need to go by boat but if your budget does not allow you can forego visiting them.

I have found that while on a budget the best way to tour a city is doing it on your own rather than opting for conducted tours of the city. Tour guides and professional tours that are conducted charge a lot and most often they will only take you to the most famous spots in the city. Whereas when you go on a tour on your own you can stop anywhere you feel like, you can just take a map and take detours wherever you want, if you like a place you can stay for hours together, you need not run back as the tour operator had only allocated 30 minutes to visit the place. These are all advantages of going on your own. Some of the places to visit in Dar es Salaam are the Askari Monument, the National Museum, the Botanical Gardens, the Lutheran Church etc.

Another way to tour the city on a budget is by biking. There are many places where you can rent bicycles and you can go around the city. This is a very cheap option and you will be saving a lot of money. You will also get good exercise in the bargain. All the main places in Dar es Salaam can be viewed by biking.

You can visit the Kariakoo market and just browse the many shops and stall that offer vegetables, fruits, meat, sea food, spices etc. If you want to buy some memorabilia on a budget you can get them here.

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