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Top 10 Reasons for A Vacation Visit To Tanzania

Tanzania is blessed with an abundance of nature’s treasures and hence it is one of the premier

tourist destinations in the world. Given below are ten reasons why you should visit Tanzania.

1. Mount Kilimanjaro – The tallest free-standing mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro is in

Tanzania and many people visit the country to climb this mountain. It is a dormant volcano

and the climb to the top is more of a trek rather than a climb.

2. Serengeti National Park – Serengeti National Park conjures up images of safaris and the Big

5. It is also the place where you can see the Great Migration. People come to watch it in

droves every year.

3. Ngorongoro Conservation Area – Includes a crater that is millions of years old (Ngorongoro

Crater). Often voted on for inclusion as a natural wonder of the world, It is a conservation

area and now many animals call it their home. You can find the black rhino here.

4. Mafia Island – In Swahili Mafia means a healthy place. This is one of the best places to visit if

you are a diver as there are many diving spots that scuba divers’ love around the island. The

white sandy beaches also welcome you to bathe in the sun.

5. Pemba Island – Another island which is very beautiful and a great place for snorkelers and

divers. Pemba Island means Green Island.

6. Zanzibar – The archipelago of Zanzibar is a major draw for tourists. The main island Unguja is

known as Zanzibar and there are wonderful places to stay here. The white sandy beaches

and the turquoise waters beckon you. Stone Town is also a place that you can explore. Plus,

the place is known for its spice tours as Zanzibar has been a port for spices for centuries.

7. Tarangire National Park – This national park is ideal for bird lovers as there are at least 500

species of birds in this park. Not just birds if you want to see lions that climb trees then you

need to head to this park. Other animals like elephants can also be spotted at Tarangire

National Park.

8. Lake Victoria – It is also known as Victoria Nyanza and is the biggest lake in Africa. It is mainly

in Tanzania but borders Kenya too. The size of the lake is nearly 70,000 sq kms.

9. Usambara Mountains – Usambara Mountains are situated in the North Eastern part of

Tanzania. The pleasant climate of the mountains is a major attraction. It is different from a

safari holiday or a beach holiday in Zanzibar. You can go on hiking and trekking tours in the

mountains here. If you like driving, then driving here is a pleasure.

10. Dar es Salaam – The main city in Tanzania and the former capital of the country is not just a

business hub it is a tourist attraction too. There are many places to explore in Dar es Salaam.

There are beaches in Dar too where you can spend some quality time.

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