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Dar Es Salaam City Tour Guide

Dar Es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania and in East Africa, and must be on every traveller’s wish list! This beautiful, bustling city is located on the Swahili coast, and is a must see in any trip to Tanzania. Here’s a guide for a visit to Dar Es Salaam.


Where To Go:

  1. The National Museum of Tanzania was established in 1934 and contains artefacts from the German and British colonial rule, ancient Chinese pottery, ethnographic collections on Tanzanian culture, and a car that was once owned by King George V. This Museum is a must see as learning about the history and heritage of a region is essential in any vacation.
  2. The botanical gardens are one of the most calm and peaceful spots in the city and are best for when tourists seek serenity and tranquility. Guests can enjoy the vivid greenery and lush vegetation, take relaxing walks, or spot animals such as peacocks, hedgehogs, and exotic birds.
  3. The Askari monument is a memorial for the askari soldiers who fought for the British army in the first World War. The Askari is the main bronze statue of a soldier holding a rifle. The plaques have inscriptions in both Arabic and Swahili.
  4. Mlimani City Mall is the best place for shopping, exploring, and buying some souvenirs and keepsakes. Visitors can go to the cinema to watch a movie, eat at international fast food chains such as Pizza Hut and KFC, and shop at local and international brands for clothing, books, electronics, and accessories.
  5. 5km North of Dar Es Salaam, Bongoyo Island is perfect for relaxing on the sandy beach, snorkelling, swimming, enjoying the scenic views, or eating fresh seafood such as tuna, lobster, calamari, or prawns. The vivid greenery and crystalline water makes this location special and unforgettable.


What To Eat:

  1. Tourists should try the mouth watering street food of Dar Es Salaam, especially Muhogo (a deep fried cassava), Mishkaki (a shish kebab-like delight), Kuku Paka (spicy curry), Mandazi (delicious doughnuts), and Uji (porridge).
  2. One of the best restaurants in 305 Karafuu which offers mouth watering food such as steaks, prawns, lobster, pasta, lamb, beef, chicken, calamari and tuna.
  3. The Fire Restaurant is a popular eatery which serves curry, naan, chicken, chapati, and other cuisines, and is famous for its ambience.


Other tips:

  1. Visitors are advised to make bookings online beforehand, to avoid any hassle or inconveniences. Flight tickets should also be bought online beforehand.
  2. Tourists should always carry cash, credit and debit cards, proof of bookings, tickets, cell phones, extra batteries, and their passport.
  3. Finding good accommodation is not difficult, as Dar Es Salaam is home to many hotels and resorts which offer comfort, luxury, and world class services, such as Golden Tulip Hotel, Harbour View Suites, DoubleTree by Hilton, Dar Es Salaam Serena, New Africa Hotel, Hotel Sapphire, and Hotel Nikko Tower.
  4. To get around the city, visitors can use public transport such as rail or bus, get a taxi, or rent a car from a car rental service.
  5. All year round, the weather is warm and humid, with temperature at around 82 to 87 during the day. June to October are the pleasant dry season.
  6. Visitors should be careful that they are not insensitive or offensive, support the local economy, and avoid polluting the area and harming the environment.


A trip to Dar Es Salaam can be very exciting and fun, with a range of experiences, a variety of interesting spots to visit, and delicious local food. We hope that your trip to this beautiful city is memorable and enjoyable!