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Dar es Salaam Guide on Sightseeing & Interesting Places

Dar es Salaam Guide on Sightseeing & Interesting Places


Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s commercial hub and largest city, critical to trade in East Africa. The Dar es Salaam seaport is one of the busiest in East Africa. The city is home to many different cultures and offers tourists a unique opportunity to discover the East African culture. Apart from its commercial status, the city attracts tourists for its relaxing vibe and cultural heritage. We’re here to highlight some of the main attractions the city has to offer. 


National Museum & House of Culture

Located 2 minutes from the Askari Monument (African Soldier Monument), the National Museum & House of Culture comprises five museums packed with the history and culture of Tanzania. The museum, which has been open since 1940, is the perfect place to learn about Tanzania. It also displays a diverse range of fossils, bones, statues, and carvings. The museums also provide details on the slave trade and colonialism. Another attractive section of this museum displays several cars that Tanzania’s first president owned.    


Village Museum

The Village Museum is a unique set-up where you can learn about and discover the many ethnic groups in Tanzania. It is located 10 km from the city centre. The museum covers 15 acres of land and has life-size models of different tribal homesteads. The homes are also decorated with traditional arts and crafts. 

You do not need a guide to take you through this museum because each homestead has details and material to read. You can even pick up the objects to explore and discover them! Be careful to put them back in the same spot, though. 


Day Trip to Bongoyo Island

Bongoyo Island is a scenic and pristine island that deserves a full day or half-day tour. The island is located off the Msasani Peninsula.  You can enjoy the sandy beaches, relax under the scattered umbrellas, or take a dip in the cool water. It is also the perfect getaway from the city centre’s hustle if you are looking for a change. 

The activities to enjoy on the island include snorkeling, venturing into the trails, or spending time at one of the open-air bars. You can also dive into the beautiful coral reefs to discover marine life such as starfish, sea urchins, and angelfish.  

The island is a 30-minute boat trip from Slipway Pier.


Wellworth Kunduchi Wet’ N’ Wild Water Park

It is a must-visit for a fun and adventurous day, especially for families with kids. Wellworth Kunduchi Wet ‘N’ Wild Water park is located adjacent to the Wellworth Kunduchi Beach Hotel and Resort. It is 19 km away from the city centre and is considered the biggest water park in the region (East and Central Africa). 

The park has over 29 water slides, pools, restaurants, and playgrounds for children and adults. This is definitely one of the best place to take your kids!


Indulge in a City that Offers Everything

Dar es Salaam is more than just another commercial city. It is also a cultural centre with many unique places to explore and visit. Dar es Salaam has something to offer for everyone, from the city life chaos to the Bongoyo Island serenity, from the fun and adventure of the water park to the intricate and educational cultural museums. Dar es Salaam is a fascinating must-visit city on your next trip to Tanzania. For more information on other cities and spots to explore while in Tanzania, be sure to check out