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Dodoma City Tour Guide

Dodoma City Tour Guide


The Capital of Tanzania, Dodoma, offers many attractions for tourists who enjoy exploring city life. Dodoma is the heart of Tanzania and is also known for its wine. It is also surrounded by agricultural land and is a peaceful and calm city. Furthermore, you can easily find your way around the city because Dodoma has a great public transportation system and an excellent private taxi network. You can also always get a bike and ride around the city. 

Here, we provide a walk-through of some of the city’s main attractions to visit. Activities include shopping, safaris, trekking, and exploring the Tanzanian culture.

The Museum of GeoSciences

The Museum of GeoSciences is the perfect place to visit if you are fascinated by geology. The museum even lets you observe the artefacts, allowing you to touch them and take a closer look for a minute fee.  


The Lion Rock

Although it will take much effort to get to The Lion Rock, it is worth it. It will be a tiring trek to reach the top of Lion Rock, so dress appropriately and carry water with you if you plan to go there. When you reach the top of the peak, the city view will take your breath away. Revel in your victory and enjoy the scenic views before heading back down. 


Gaddafi Mosque

The Gaddafi Mosque, known for its unique, pink colour, is one of East Africa’s largest mosques. The mosque has a capacity of more than 4,000 people. A Libyan strongman financed the construction of this mosque. 


Kondoa Irangi Paintings

According to estimates made by the Tanzania Antiquities department, The Kondoa Irangi Paintings were made over 50,000 years ago. The Kondoa Irangi are a group of caves on the side of a hill located 10 kilometres off the Dodoma Babati highway. These magnificent caves will surprise you because of the 200-450 decorated rock shelters that are truly amazing to witness.  


Enticing Eateries

If you are a foodie, you will spend most of your time going in and out of the many cultural and unique eateries around the city. Some of the best eateries include Leone L’Africano  (located near Lion Rock, serves mouth-watering Italian food, and has a mini-golf course), New Dodoma Hotel (offers a range of cuisines), and KRose’s Café (exotic Indian dishes). 


Time for a Party

If you want to witness the nightlife in Dodoma, the NK Disco is the perfect place to visit. The club plays loud music and is usually crowded on Friday nights; if there is a party in town, it’s at NK Disco. 


However, if you would like to spend a quieter evening, you can always visit the VETA club. 


Dodoma is a quiet, peaceful, and unique city to explore, with many historical and cultural sites to visit and fun nightlife with unique eateries. After completing your Dodoma tour, you can visit some of the other great cities and read about them at Best Cities to Visit in East Africa.