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East Africa’s top 10 most popular islands for a tropical vacation

It has become common to think of adventure-packed safaris when thinking about East Africa. The grueling, action-packed, and daunting safaris perplex you into thinking that East Africa is only about the wildlife. However, East Africa is also known for some of the most beautiful tropical islands globally.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar is a magnificent and magical place with a unique aura that will draw you in, making you wish you could spend your life here. The island’s mystical name justifies the breathtaking island. You can do much on Zanzibar island, from relaxing at the beach to walking through the Jozani Forest. Zanzibar has cultural and historical significance in the region, something you will find a truly unique learning experience.

Mafia Island, Tanzania

Mafia Island may seem like a daunting name; however, the island is pristine, beautiful, and peaceful. It is also considered a scuba diving paradise because of its magical underwater world. Mafia Island is a private island and is much quieter than the other mainstream islands in the region. Like Zanzibar, it has a unique history and a different atmosphere.

Bongoyo Island, Tanzania

Bongoyo Island is a magical and serene place. The island’s raw and untouched beauty is something to admire. It is uninhabited, making it the perfect getaway place for honeymooners. You can unwind, relax, and enjoy the sun or swim in the clear waters. It is a great place to go from Dar-es-Salaam to escape the city.

Mnemba Island, Tanzania

Mnemba Island is another private island in the Zanzibar archipelago. You must book a stay at one of the resorts or hotels to visit the island. It is perfect if you have a reasonable budget because it allows you to get away from the crowded beaches. It does not allow anyone else on the island, making it an exclusive island.

Pemba Island, Tanzania

Pemba Island also doesn’t attract as many crowds as the Zanzibar archipelago islands. It is unclear why because this island is peaceful and has beautiful landscapes. It may be the one island where you want to spend more time exploring inland rather than sunbathing on the beaches.

Mombasa Island, Kenya

Mombasa is one of Kenya’s most scenic and beautiful islands,  with a rich and colourful history. There are many historical sites on the island that you will want to visit, including Fort Jesus. Mombasa has exchanged many rulers and cultures.

Chale Island, Kenya

Chale Island is a religious island for the locals that provides breathtaking views for tourists. Like many other islands in the region, its rich history is something that you will want to explore. It also has a much more peaceful atmosphere, perfect for people who want a laidback vacation.

Funzi Island, Kenya

Funzi Island is well-known for its wetlands and mangrove forests. It is also home to turtle species, including the leatherback turtle. You can also experience the migration of Humpback whales from June to December, a rare experience you may not find anywhere else.

Crescent Island, Kenya

Crescent Island is famous because of its unique shape and history. The island is less than half a century old. It formed when Lake Naivasha’s water levels dropped in the 1980s.

Lamu Island, Kenya

Lamu Island is Kenya’s Zanzibar. It has a unique history, diverse culture, and beautiful architecture. However, unlike Zanzibar, Lamu Island has a more laidback atmosphere rather than the party-like vibes of Zanzibar. Lamu Island is an excellent place for a wellness retreat and perfect for honeymooners who want peace to enjoy each other’s company and the island’s breathtaking beauty.

East Africa is a stunning region with unique places to visit. Among the many stunning countries in the region, Tanzania stands out. You can learn why in our Guide to Air Travel in Tanzania.