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Exciting Local Places for Beers and Wines in Dar es Salaam

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Exciting Local Places for Beers and Wines in Dar es Salaam

After a rapturous game drive in the Mikumi national park, a few hours from the city, or a deep fishing expedition in the Indian Ocean, it is time to hit the exciting local clubs for beers and wines in Dar es Salaam.

At one time a sleepy fishing village, Dar city has transformed into a bustling metropolis with a variety of glitzy pubs,nightclubs, restaurants, and beaches to explore. At night, revellers pour into the streets African and English bars for incredibly cold beers and wines. So whether you’re after a fiendishly noisy club or a crowded dance floor, here are the best bars in Dar to suit your taste:

‍1. High Spirit Lounge Bar

Perched on top of the IT Mall, (11th floor)the High Spirit Lounge Bar is a sophisticated pub that features disco lights and great views of the ocean. With a great selection of chilled beers and delicious menus, this open-air roof bar is the perfect place to unwind. The large dance floor is a mixing hotbed for both African and American dance beats.

‍2. The Slow Leopard

If you’re searching for a pub that features a laid-back atmosphere, reasonably-priced beers, and endless entertainment,then the Slow Leopard is for you. The bar draws both local and expatriate crowds and is excellent for an affordable, relaxed night out.

‍3. The Waterfront Sunset

Located at the Slipway, one of the city’s premier leisure and shopping area, the Waterfront Sunset offers visitors an excellent evening night on the oceanfront. The welcoming ambience, the ocean views, and the entertainment make the bar well worth a trip.

‍4. Level 8

Perched at the top of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Level 8 is one of the city’s most elegant bars, and the highlight is the 360 degrees view of the city’s harbour. You can relax with a tasty burger and a cold beer, listen and dance to its live musical acts and also enjoy the Tanzania sunsets from all angles. Level 8 is a favourite place for the whole family.

‍5. Samaki Samaki

Samaki Samaki is a well known eatery for seafood. People flock to savour the wonderful seafood on offer in the day time and the place transforms totally in the night as the bar crowd settles in. If you like to enjoy your food and drink with locals then this is the place to go to. Locals frequent this place a lot and it is usually very crowded in the weekends. If you like salsa dancing then you should visit on a Thursday evening.