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Expert Travel Guide to Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar is a beautiful and exotic island located in Tanzania. The serene and picturesque island is surrounded by turquoise, crystal clear waters, and heavenly white, sandy beaches. It is the perfect place to plan your honeymoon or to rejuvenate yourself after completing your tour of other cities and safaris in Tanzania. You can get lost in Zanzibar and still have the time of your life. This expert travel guide will help you learn everything you need to know about traveling to Tanzania.

Best Time to Visit Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a great destination all year round. However, the best time to visit would be between July and September during the dry season. Temperatures in Zanzibar range from 28 to 33 degrees Celsius. Bring plenty of light, comfortable and easy clothes. If you are on your honeymoon, pack formal wear for the occasion to enjoy a nice romantic dinner at the beaches.


Things to Keep in Mind

Zanzibar is a cultural city, and the government has taken significant steps to protect and promote its heritage. The government wants to maintain the purity of Zanzibar. The government does not approve of certain things. You should wear clothes that cover you adequately because Zanzibar has strong Islamic ties. It also requires visitors to avoid showing affection in public. Apart from this, do not give any money to children or take pictures of them without consent from their parents. Also, do not try to purchase or take anything from the natural habitat.

Places to Visit

Zanzibar is full of beautiful places to visit, things to do, and activities to partake in. The unique restaurants, the beautiful beaches, and the all-night party life make Zanzibar one of the liveliest places to visit, with an aura you will not find anywhere else. Some of the must-visit places include


  • Stone Town – a beautiful and historic marketplace where you can relish in local traditions
  • Forodhani Gardens – a nighttime lively food market to enjoy local street food delicacies
  • The Rock – a unique restaurant located in the middle of the ocean
  • Prison Island – a breathtaking getaway private island full of natural wonders
  • Jozani Forest – an expansive forest filled with exotic animals and vegetation


There is an endless list of activities ranging from socializing at the beaches to scuba diving into the deep blue. The best activities include


  • Scuba Diving at Prison Island
  • Dancing the night away at the famous Kendwa Rocks Full Moon Party
  • Swimming with turtles at Nungwi Beach
  • Cooking classes at Darajani Market
  • Take a sunset dhow cruise from Kendwa Beach or Nungwi Beach
  • Kiteboarding at Paje Beach or Jambiani Beach

Best Beaches to Visit

If you don’t visit the beaches, what are you doing in Zanzibar? The best beaches include


  • Nungwi Beach
  • Kendwa Beach
  • Paje Beach
  • Jambiani Beach
  • Matemwe Beach


Zanzibar is a magical island that will keep you wanting more. The atmosphere, the scenery, and the many exciting places to visit will leave you dazed. The island is a remarkable vacation destination. Once you are done with your indulgence in Zanzibar, you should continue exploring the wonders of Tanzania. You can learn more about these fantastic places in our Tanzania Travel Guide.