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Five Must-Do’s in Pemba

Five Must-Do’s in Pemba


The Zanzibar Archipelago consists of a range of exotic and beautiful Islands, including Pemba Island. Pemba Island is located off East Africa’s coast. It is a scenic Island where you can witness the unique landscape of lush, green hills and vibrant marine life. 


Pemba Island is a perfect retreat to relax and explore nature. Here are five must do’s in Pemba island:


Misali Island

Misali Island is the perfect destination for divers and snorkelers to experience the breath-taking coral reef marine life. The crystal clear water is perfect for scenic photography. If you don’t like diving, you can always stay onshore and live in the captivating beauty of this island. You can also enjoy walking in Baobab Beach’s fine sands or exploring the nesting turtles on the west side.  


Keep in mind that the island requires you to pay an admission fee because it is a constituent of the Pemba Channel Conservation Area.


Ngezi Forest Reserve

Ngezi is a densely packed forest with beautiful, double canopy trees with extended wines where the monkeys swing. Known to be the last indigenous forest in the area, Ngezi was so vast that it covered the entire island. You can make your way to the Reserve from Konde (5 KM) using the Kigomasha Peninsula dirt road. The Reserve covers 1,476 hectares of land. 


Once you are at the Reserve’s centre, you can choose between two tunnel trails that run through the forest or opt to talk off-trail. However, you will need a travel guide for your safety, regardless of which option you choose. 


The Joshi Trail takes one hour, and you can catch a glimpse of the many birds, Pemba flying foxes, and red colobus monkeys. You can also see the sawmill ruins.  


The Taufiki Trail takes 3-4 hours and goes towards Vumawimbi Beach. Once at the beach, you can relax and choose to head back through the Taufiki Trail, go through the villages, or request a lift from the locals to get back to the tourist centre.   


Kidike Flying Fox Sanctuary

The Pemba Flying Foxes is an indigenous species of large bats found only in Pemba. The Kidike Sanctuary is the perfect place to witness this rare specie. According to estimates, approximately 4,000 bats can be found hanging from the trees. 


Once you reach the Sanctuary, you will need to pay an entrance fee.  


Mkame Ndume Ruins

Mohammed bin Abdul Rehman, known as Mkame Ndume, was the cruel leader of Pemba before the Portuguese came. Mkame Ndume means Milker of Men. The Mkame Ndume Ruins is a historic landmark that now consists of a stone staircase that connects the ocean site. The staircase is one kilometre in length and is a unique piece of Pemba’s history. It is a beautiful place to explore for the historians among us. 


Vumawimbi Beach

Vumawimbi is a scenic and exotic beach that ranges from the Kigomasha Peninsula to the Ngezi Forest Reserve. Vumawimbi Beach is the perfect spot to catch your breath (or have it taken away by the magnificent beauty of this location) after travelling the long trails and dusty roads. The best thing about Vumawimbi Beach is that it will not be crowded as it is a bit further away from the accommodations (which are located on the west side).


So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Pemba Island and have a great time!

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