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Fly Dodoma to Dar es Salaam with As Salaam Air

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Dodoma is the capital of Tanzania. Despite Dodoma being proclaimed the capital city in 1973, Dar es Salaam remained the de-facto capital until a few years ago. The seat of government is Dodoma and you should visit the Parliament building while in the city. Getting to Dodoma is easy, you can take flights with As Salaam Air from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma or you can drive to the city.

The ideal time to visit Dodoma is during the dry months from June to August. Though it can get hot, you can manage. August is the busiest in Dodoma as many tourists come to the city in that month. If you wish to stay in Dodoma advanced bookings are essential. If you cannot visit during the aforementioned months you can visit from December to February when the weather will be a little warmer. A lot of tourists visit during these months but not like August when it is the peak season. If you want to spend a lot less and get some great deals in hotels you should visit between September to November, it is considered to be the lean season. March to May not many people visit the city. Dodoma is not just about the Parliament building, though it is an architectural marvel. Taking photographs of the building is prohibited so avoid doing so. Apart from the Parliament building, visitors should visit Simba Hill or Lion Rock. From the hill you can view the whole city. There is a
mosque known as Ismaili Mosque which you should visit.

Dodoma is also becoming very famous for its wine. Grapes are grown in abundance in and around Dodoma. The Missionaries of the Hombolo Catholic Mission came to this area and introduced wine making. Now it is one of the major industries in the area. In fact, Tanzanian wines are among the top 5 wines made in the continent of Africa. Earlier African wine meant South African wines but now even Tanzanian wines are well known. Dodoma wine made by the Dodoma wine company is quite famous in the region.

Dodoma also has some fine restaurants which prepare delicious food. You can eat both African food as well as international fare in this city.

Once your trip to Dodoma is complete, you have the option of driving back to Dar es Salaam. The distance between the two cities is 670 kilometres and with the condition of the roads you can reach Dar es Salaam in 8-10 hours. You also need a good car to complete the journey.

Another easy and the best method is to take a flight from Dodoma to Dar es Salaam. As Salaam Air plies between the two cities and you can just hop on a plane and be in Dar es Salaam in a jiffy. You will be able to save on time and you can use the time to spend on some quality exploration or shopping in Dar.