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Full Day Dar es Salaam City Tour

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Africa is a continent both geographically diverse and rich in culture. Across the continent there are multiple types of terrain, people groups, and languages. On the east coast of Africa, you will find the country of Tanzania. This country fits in with the diversity of the continent, with its culture and the lifestyle of its people. Dar es Salaam, the country’s most highly populated city at 4 million people and former capital city (until 1974), attracts the majority of Tanzania’s tourists with its arts and business activity. Most of the year is hot and humid because of the city’s location close to the equator.

Planning an international excursion anytime soon? If you’ve ever wanted to discover a new part of Africa, Dar es Salaam may be the perfect place for you to visit! Brush up on your Swahili and explore some of these options to help you enjoy your time in the city. There are five segments of the city, each with a main purpose. The most popular to visit is Kinondoni, which has the wealthiest suburbs and the majority of the population.

Buses, called dala dala, are the main form of public transportation in Dar es Salaam, so it’s a good idea to get familiar with this kind of bus system before your trip. Be prepared to see lots of motor cycles scooting around as well. Of course wandering around and exploring on your own is always a good idea, but it can help to know some cool destinations you can see on the way.

The National Museum of Tanzania is the perfect stop for anyone curious about the country’s national history. If soccer is your favourite game, go to a game at the National Stadium, home of the Azam F.C. soccer club.

Visitors rave about the uninhabited marine reserve islands next to the city’s hub. The water is clear, the beaches are warm, and everything about a vacation you’ve wanted comes to life. Take a risk and try snorkelling along the coast – you won’t regret it.

Because of its tourism popularity, the food in the city is pretty diverse. You can find most kinds of food from around the world, since it’s been introduced by international travellers over the years.However, Tanzanian barbecue restaurants are worth a try if you’re looking for something more culturally local.

Parts of Dar es Salaam are trying to be the artistic cultural centres in the country. In particular, the Nafasi Art Space in Mikocheni focuses on local artists and their ability to create art from the city life around them. Music, dance, and theatre are all featured during monthly cross-cultural experiences in this cultural hub.