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Gorgeous Travel Destinations in East Africa

East Africa is one of the most amazing tourist locations in the world. A must see for travel lovers, East Africa is home to stunning beaches, vast safari parks, lush green forests, bustling cities, and breathtaking islands. Here are some of the best, most gorgeous Travel Destinations that tourists can explore in East Africa!


  1. Dar Es Salaam

Dar Es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania and is one of the most amazing tourist spots in East Africa. Tourists can visit the National Museum of Tanzania where they can learn about the history and heritage of the country, and observe things such as ancient relics and coins, old Tanzanian wood carvings, a sacred fig tree, old fossils, and prehistoric rock art. They can go to nearby beaches such as Bongoyo Island, Coco Beach, Mbudya Island and Mbeya Beach where they can relax on the soft sand, watch the mesmerizing sunset, swim in the crystalline water, and enjoy fresh seafood.  They can visit local marketplaces such as Mwengwe Woodcarver’s Market, where they can see local talents making crafts such as wood carvings and bead jewelry!


  1. Nairobi

The capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, is a must-see city in East Africa. Nature lovers can visit Nairobi National Park where they can spot animals such as wildebeests, lions, rhinos, hyenas, and zebras! They can also take a trip to Karura Forest where they can enjoy the tranquility and the scenic view of the lush vegetation. At the Giraffe Center, visitors can view giraffes from up close and even let them lick their hands! Tourists can also go to Kazuri bead factory, an inspiring women-led workshop that creates fine jewelry, and small and colorful beads.


  1. Arusha

One of Tanzania’s most amazing locations, Arusha is a beautiful city surrounded by Mount Meru and lush green vegetation. At Arusha National Park, tourists can spot monkeys, hyenas, leopards, buffaloes, and giraffes. The region is ideal for bird watching, as it is home to egrets, storks, hornbills, guinea fowl, pelicans, flamingoes, crowned eagles, geese, and woodpeckers. Travelers can take a day trip to Mount Meru for a hiking adventure, enjoy canoeing or boating at the Momella Lakes, or learn about the history and heritage of the region at Ol Doinyo Lengai.


  1. Mombasa

Another top location to see in East Africa is Mombasa, a coastal city of Kenya where visitors can find old Swahili architecture. At Haller Park, tourists can find animals such as oryxes, elands, and monkeys. Travelers can visit Shimba Hills National Reserve which is home to mongooses, antelopes, and fruit bats! Tourists can visit Mombasa Marine National Park, where they can enjoy swimming and scuba diving!


  1. Pemba Island

Also known as Green Island, the stunning Pemba Island is one of the biggest islands of the Zanzibar archipelago. This remote island offers the scenic views of lush green vegetation, white sands, clear skies, and turquoise water. Nature lovers can enjoy the extraordinary biodiversity, which makes the island an ideal spot for bird watching, wildlife viewing, and marine life viewing. Tourists can find colorful coral reefs, manta rays, deep sea turtles, crowned hornbills, malachite kingfishers, Pemba vervet monkeys, African goshawk, the Pemba Flying Fox (a fruit bat), red colobus monkeys, owls, palm nut vultures, miniature antelopes, and violet breasted sunbirds!


  1. Bwindi

In Uganda and Rwanda, tourists can go gorilla trekking in places such as Bwindi. Travelers must get a permit and hike for 1-2 hours with a trained guide to reach the natural habitat of the gorillas. Climbing through the muddy path and the dense forest is an adventurous and enriching experience as one can connect with nature.