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Guide to Most Popular Trails for Trekking in Tanzania

Trekking is a great way to explore the great outdoors and pursue life-changing adventures. Tanzania has many popular trails for trekking. You will come across stunning locations, exotic wildlife, and some of the best sceneries in the world. The best months to visit for trekking are January and February, when you can get perfect and clear views. Remember, if you want to trek in Tanzania, you should avoid the rainy seasons. The most popular trails for trekking in Tanzania include: 

Olmoti Crater – Ngorongoro Conservation Park

Ngorongoro Conservation Park is a breathtaking place to visit. The park is located in the crater of an inactive volcano. The steep crater walls can be seen from the park. The crater also is an excellent place for trekking. Olmoti Crater is a 40-minute walk up to the rim. On your way to the top, you will pass the beautiful Munge waterfalls and also get a spectacular view of the Munga river source. 

Mount Meru

Many people from all over the world come to Tanzania to trek Mount Meru. Standing at over 4,500 meters, Mount Meru is the second-highest peak in the country. It is nearby Mount Kilimanjaro, which makes the views even more spectacular, as you can see the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro in the background as you make your way to the top. Mount Meru is also great for trekking because of the beautiful habitat and the animals you will come across, including baboons, antelopes, giraffes, and the colobus monkeys. Although it is relatively difficult, it is worth the experience. The trek usually takes four days.  

Marangu Route – Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro needs no introduction. Trekking here is on the bucket list of many mountain climbers. Mount Kilimanjaro offers seven different trekking trails. Marangu Route is one of the relatively more accessible trails on Mount Kilimanjaro. The route will also take you to Uhuru Peak, and you will find that most tourists use this route. You will go through a beautiful rainforest while on your way to Marangu Route. The route also has dormitory-styled sleeping huts and is excellent for novice climbers.  

Rongai Route – Mount Kilimanjaro

Rongai Route is considered one of the best trekking for beginners. The trek will take six to eight days, depending on your fitness level. It is also considered a relatively more straightforward trail than other places in Tanzania. If you are a beginner, you can consider trekking on Rongai Route. The trek will take you to Uhuru Peak. 

Machame Route – Mt.Kilimanjaro

Machame Route is a bit more complicated than Marangu and Rongai Route. The route is recommended for people with some experience in trekking. Machame Route is famous for its breathtaking views, taking you through the Mweka path through Shira Plateau and Lava Tower. The trek will take seven days, and you must be fit to complete the journey. Machame Route also takes you higher, so you may experience altitude sickness. 

Udzungwa Mountains

The Udzungwa Mountains is a moderate trail ideally suited for trekkers with some experience. The best thing about the trail is reaching the National Park, home to many endemic animals. You’ll see the Kipunjii Ape, the Udzungwa Partridge, and the red colobus monkey. The trail goes through a beautiful forest with giant bamboo. You will find Sanje waterfalls near the top.  

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