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Guide to Yoga Retreat Places in Zanzibar

A trip to Zanzibar offers many exciting experiences, such as quad bike tours, snorkelling, scuba diving, and kayaking, but this heavenly island also allows visitors to relax and enjoy the peace and serenity of the island. Guests can choose to have a unique experience and make their trip memorable, by visiting a yoga retreat in Zanzibar! Here are a few yoga retreats which visitors could book on their trip to Zanzibar.


Have you thought about organising a retreat, and need a perfect place to host your group?

The Zanzibari is perfect for hosted retreats. It is blissfully located on a private stretch of beach; it is small hosting up to 22 guests; all arrangements, logistics, menus, facilities on hand, as well as breakaway activities and tours,  all managed for you. Well suited for visitors to learn and practice yoga, wellness, meditation, and personal transformation. As the retreat is located by the ocean, guests enjoy the scenic views of the crystalline waters and lush green tropical vegetation. The area is secluded and private, and staff is friendly and helpful, so the experience offers comfort and luxury as well as peace, serenity, and tranquility. The retreat also offers WiFi and TV.


Sun Salute Retreats at the north of the island is an incredible and extraordinary location, with views of the white sand, crystalline water, and vivid greenery. The retreat has space for 24 students, who can choose the morning classes in the Sunrise Yoga Shala, or classes at sunset in the RoofTop Sunset Shala. Practicing yoga while overlooking these breathtaking views is an extraordinary experience. The retreat is luxurious, and offers mouthwatering food such as lobster, prawns, crabs, chicken, and even vegetarian dishes!


Sunshine Marine Lodge at Muyuni allows guests to relax and enjoy the spectacular beauty of the colorful coral reefs and diverse marine life of Zanzibar. The 26 rooms offer views of the blue waters, sandy beach, lush greenery and the garden. The retreat not only has a yoga centre, but also a massage room, bar, restaurant, pools, and an on site diving centre. The organizers can communicate in English, French, Spanish, Polish, and Italian, and provide yoga practice to beginners, as well as those at more advanced skill levels.


Uhuru Beach Resort at the gorgeous Jambiani Beach offers a great experience, with trained teachers who focus on healthy eating, meditation, and yoga, and conduct spiritual workshops. Aside from these insightful experiences, guests also get time to relax on the beach, take a calming swim in the sea, or interact with other people from various cultures. The retreat offers comfort, beauty, luxury, and delicious meals.


Paradise Immersion is a very exclusive retreat, taking only private groups of six, and providing them with the best care and coaching. Services include meditation, mindfulness, and yoga sessions, ancient sunset fire rituals, nutrition workshops, juice therapy, and personal training and coaching. In this peaceful and supportive environment, guests can learn to take care of their wellbeing, and connect to their inner or spiritual roots. They teach Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga, and guests need not have previous experience in yoga.


Chumbe Island Yoga Retreat is another great option, as Chumbe is one of the most fascinating locations in Zanzibar. The retreat offers luxury, comfort, and great food, and visitors can also practice eco tourism, through environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. Guests can also snorkel amongst the colorful reefs and see sharks and other marine life. The staff is friendly and accommodating, and so, a visit is a great idea!


At Paje by Night Street, visitors can enjoy an insightful yoga experience. The instructors are friendly, cater to beginners with full effort and attention, and can provide consultation based on personal needs. The retreat also has a pool, jacuzzi, mouthwatering meals, and free WiFi. The retreat is luxurious, and the beach offers breathtaking and scenic views.


Yoga is a great practice to adopt, especially in the chaotic world of today. The peaceful exercise allows people to connect to their roots and learn to take care of their body, mind, and soul. The heavenly island of Zanzibar is the perfect place to learn and practice yoga.