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Hacks to travel Tanzania on a budget

Hacks to travel Tanzania on a budget


Tanzania is one of the most extraordinary places that a travel lover can visit. The amazing country is home to scenic landscapes, rich heritage, stunning flora and fauna, a vibrant culture, and friendly locals. Travellers can enjoy exciting and life changing adventures, while also getting the opportunity to enjoy relaxing and fun-filled activities. However, some people would like to travel on a budget. For them, Tanzania is the perfect travel destination, as it is very easy for tourists to have the time of their life while also adhering to a budget. Here are some hacks for tourists to save money while also making the most of their trip to Tanzania!

  • Use Local Transport

Local modes of transport are cheaper, and provide a more authentic experience of the region. This also allows tourists to give back to the community by helping the economy, and offers opportunities for meaningful interactions with locals. A Tuk-Tuk or Bajaj is a motorized tricycle that can easily be found in cities. One can also opt for a ferry, or a Dalla Dalla, a minibus that travels on set routes.                                                                                                                         

  •  Fly Directly to Dar Es Salaam

Flights to bigger cities tend to be cheaper, so you can fly to Dar’s Julius Nyerere International Airport and travel to other tourist destinations from there.

  • Try the Delicious Street Food

Instead of eating at overpriced restaurants or fast food chains, tourists can opt for street food, which is often clean, and comes at much lower prices. The food is an important part of local culture, and the unique cuisine is a blend of Turkish, Arabic, Indian, Portugese, and Swahili tastes. Popular dishes include Kuku Paka (spicy curry), octopus curry, Muhogo (deep fried cassava), biryani, Chipsi Mayai (chips and eggs), Mandazi (doughnuts), Nyama Choma (grilled meat), and kebabs. 


  • Make Pre-Bookings Online

Booking things such as flights, accommodation, and services online is a great idea as it allows tourists to book beforehand and avoid any last minute issues. It also allows visitors to avail discounts and offers that can help save money. 

  • Avoid Getting Ripped Off

It is advisable for tourists to be aware of local prices before they visit a market. This means that they should research what frequently used items and services tend to cost in the area, so no one can rip them off. In most marketplaces, it is acceptable, and common, for people to negotiate prices before paying up. 

  • Install and Use Taxi Apps

Tourists can also use taxi app services such as Uber, Bolt, and Taxify, which have specified prices and provide affordable travel opportunities.

  • Buy From Local Vendors

Another great way of contributing to the local economy while also adhering to the budget is to buy fruits, and vegetables from local vendors instead of going to the supermarket. In Tanzania, tourists can find fresh, locally grown foods such as coconuts, avocadoes, passion fruits, guavas, watermelons, oranges, mangoes, pineapples, bananas, onions, chillies, peppers, beans, carrots, and fresh herbs.


  • Travel with a Group

Solo travel can get very expensive, so travelling with a group can prove to be a good idea, as people can share costs and negotiate for better prices as a group. 

  • Stay in a Tented Camp

A tented camp combines luxury with excitement and provides very cool, budget friendly accommodation. The experience is adventurous as well as affordable. 


  • Buy a Local Sim Card

Local sim cards are not very expensive, and allow tourists to have good internet without having to pay a huge fee at the hotel. Calls and messages are not very pricey, and data subscriptions are reliable, convenient, and budget friendly. 


Travelling with a budget in Tanzania is fairly easy, as long as visitors carefully avoid wasting money, and avail opportunities to try cheap items and experiences that also offer an authentic insight into local lifestyle. Many locations are budget friendly, such as Zanzibar, Dar Es Salaam , and Arusha, so tourists can easily go to popular tourist destinations without spending any money out of budget!