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How to Plan a Safari in Tanzania in 2022/23

Tanzania may sound like an intimidating place to visit for your holidays. You may have heard about so many regional problems regarding diseases and safety concerns. However, it is quite the opposite. 

Tanzania is a beautiful, thriving country with a rich history and rich culture. The people are welcoming, there are so many activities to do, and you will meet travellers from around the world. Over 350,000 people visited Tanzania between January and April 2022. (Kamer, 2022) 

Tanzania is a popular tourist destination, and you can easily plan a safe and exciting trip. People mostly travel to Tanzania to take action-packed safaris and experience thrilling encounters with exotic wildlife. You can plan your perfect trip with As Salaam Air. 

Set Your Dates

The first thing to do is to determine when you want to travel to Tanzania. Each season and month offer different experiences. The ideal time to visit Tanzania for the best safari experience is during the dry season. Don’t travel during the wet season (March to May). Keep the following points in mind when setting your dates:  

  • During January and February, you will see many babies roaming the plains. It is known as the calving season and traditionally when the animals begin migrating from the Serengeti National Park to Masa Marai (known as the Great Migration)
  • June to October is peak season, where you will find the most beautiful landscapes and animals. 
  • November and December may be rainy; however, it is still an excellent time to visit.

Develop your Budget

It is critical to set your budget because that will set the tone for the rest of your experience. If you have a reasonable budget, you can book a luxury safari with one of the many tour operators and visit during the peak season. However, if you want to save money and are on a tight budget, you can consider going with a group travel package. You can always save money by purchasing a safari package when in Tanzania. It will allow you to bargain for the best price without compromising your experience. Visiting off-season is also a great way to stay on budget; however, it may compromise your experience. 

Plan your Itinerary

Once you have your dates and budget in mind, you can begin planning your itinerary. Depending on your stay, you can choose to go on multiple safaris during your visit or opt for an inclusive safari package that takes you to multiple national parks. Keep in mind that many of the national parks in Tanzania are massive, and safaris can take a few days. If you are limited on time, you should plan your itinerary carefully, considering that considerable time may be spent on the road. 

Pack for the Occasion

Packing is critical to having a good time throughout your stay while being safe during your safaris. Pack light and comfortable clothing, good shoes, cap/hat, sunglasses, sunblock, DEET mosquito repellent, moisturisers, sanitizers, wet wipes, water bottles, binoculars, and medication. Keep a waterproof shoulder bag you can carry around comfortably to enjoy your safari while keeping your essentials with you. 

You are ready to plan your safari in Tanzania. As Salaam Air has many resources you can read to understand your trip better. You can also read about the 15 Things You Must Do in Tanzania