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How to Stay Safe While Traveling?

While travel is one of the most enjoyable and enriching activities for a person, it is essential that one is aware of how to stay safe. Here are some tips about how to ensure personal safety and security during a trip!


  1. Understand the Location

Before any trip, it is essential to find out how the locals react to foreigners, what behaviours are discouraged, and how high the crime rates are. Travellers must be aware of all potential risks so they can take precautions accordingly.


  1. Always Be Alert

Travellers should always be aware of their surroundings, and should never let their guard down. Always keep an eye on valuables and important personal belongings. They should be careful when interacting with strangers. If they feel unsafe or uncomfortable, they should leave the area as soon as possible.


  1. Keep Belongings Safe

In public areas and public transport, it is very important to keep belongings close. People should take measures to safeguard their hotel rooms, by locking the door, keeping windows shut, and safely storing valuables. Luggage often comes with locks which can be used to keep items safe.


  1. Keep Safe Contacts

People should always have emergency contacts in case the need arises. They should always notify someone about their plans, and update trusted people with their itinerary. It is also advisable to share their location with a loved one.


  1. Carry Important Items

It is important to carry necessary medication, and travellers are advised to carry a card that gives information such as allergies, and blood group. For emergency scenarios, it is very important to carry documents such as ID, and passport. Tourists should also have copies of these essential documents. Packing items like flashlights and extra batteries can also help in unfortunate situations.


  1. Eat Healthy

Tourists should ensure that they drink clean water and eat clean and healthy meals. During their trip, it is vital that travellers should consume a balanced diet, so they can stay strong and healthy. They should try to drink bottled or disinfected water, eat hot food, and maintain good hygiene.


  1. Wear Masks

To avoid getting coronavirus during the pandemic, travellers should reduce risk of transmission by washing and sanitizing their hands, and wearing masks and gloves. After touching any surfaces, they should avoid touching their face.


  1. Learn Self Defense

For worst case scenarios, one can learn basic self defense. They can enroll in classes, or simply find important tips online.


  1. Avoid Drawing Attention

More often than not, being discreet allows people to stay safe, as criminals such as pickpockets are less likely to notice and target them. One should try not to dress or act in a way that would draw unnecessary attention. It is also advised that people should not travel alone, especially at night.


  1. Maintain Safe Distance

To avoid getting COVID-19, travellers should keep a safe distance of 6 feet from other persons, so they do not come in contact with an infected person. They should avoid crowds and public places, and only go to areas which are regularly cleaned and disinfected.


  1. Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance allows travel lovers to enjoy a stress free trip, as belongings and expensive equipment is compensated for, in case of loss or damage. For those who do not travel a lot, some companies offer short term insurance.


  1. Safety from Coronavirus

To stay safe from coronavirus, one should ensure that they do not display symptoms such as fever, cough, or difficulty breathing. In case they find such symptoms, they should get tested and see a doctor. One should avoid any unnecessary travel, and should stay home unless absolutely necessary to act otherwise. Maintaining good hygiene is important in keeping oneself safe.


We hope this guide can help people stay safe during their travels!