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How to Travel by Air in Tanzania: A Quick Guide

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]How to Travel by Air in Tanzania: A Quick Guide

When traveling in Tanzania, one of the best and easiest ways to do it is by air. There are many carriers that connect at major cities in the county. There are also airstrips on the islands of Pemba, Mafia, and Zanzibar.

International flights into Tanzania land at 1 of the country’s 3 international airports being Dar Es Salaam International (Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR)), Zanzibar Airport (Abeid Karume International (ZNZ)) and Kilimanjaro International (KIA) in the north of the country.

The key domestic airports are Dar es Salaam (terminal 1), Arusha in the north, and Zanzibar Airport domestic terminal. Each of these is serviced by many carriers with multiple, direct, daily departures and arrivals.

Arusha airport is a 45 minute road transfer from Kilimanjaro International.

If you are planning to go to the parks of the northern circuit – Serengeti, Manyara, Ngorongoro, you will be flying out of Arusha airport. If you are heading to the southern circuit parks – Selous, Ruaha, Saadani, you are going to be flying out of Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar.

Other popular destinations in the country include the capital, Dodoma, Mwanza on the shores of Lake Victoria, and Tanga on the north coast.

The National Parks such as Serengeti and Selous have multiple airstrips servicing broad clusters of camps and lodges. Your choice of accommodation will determine which airstrip you’ll be flying into. These flights normally happen in 13 to 30-seater aircraft designed for local landing strip conditions.

The domestic market is very competitive, with large differences in pricing between operators.

‍How Heavy Can My Luggage Be?

He limited size of aircraft means that you are restricted to 15 or 20kg of luggage, carrier dependent. If flying into the bush, all carriers check bag limits as well as preferring that soft shell bags are used for ease of loading in the luggage holds of aircraft. It is very important to ensure that you do not overpack and that you follow the standards as well as the requirements of the airline.

Suggestions and Logistics:

Book online and as early as you can when you are planning your travel. It is the best way to ensure you get a great rate.

Domestic departure check-in time is usually 60 minutes before take-off. Delays with airport security are not uncommon, and nor is traffic delay in Dar Es Salaam. Plan well, and leave yourself plenty of time.

What About Scenic Flights?

Almost every local flight route provides for great aerial views. The aircraft used do not fly as high as you may be used to, and there are open plains and mountain ranges as far as the eye can see.

Zanzibar and Arusha

What About Specific Locations with Over Flight Tours?

Specific locations that you can fly over with many of the local providers include the following:

1. Mount Kilimanjaro
2. Ngorongoro Crater
3. Lake Natron
4. Oldonyo Lengai
5. The Great Rift Valley

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