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Most Amazing Cities in East Africa

East Africa is home to some of the most exciting and beautiful cities in the world. These bustling and colorful cities offer a unique insight into the local culture, and provide travel lover’s the opportunity to interact with friendly locals, taste the delicious cuisine, and enjoy the scenic views! Here are some of the top cities in East Africa that every tourist must visit on their vacation in the amazing and extraordinary region!


  1. Dar Es Salaam

Dar Es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania and is one of the most amazing tourist spots in East Africa as it provides an insight into the urban life of the region. Travellers can stay at world class hotels and eat at top rated restaurants. The city is home to big shopping malls, bustling town squares, and colorful markets that offer an authentic experience of the local culture. Visitors must make sure to visit the National Museum so they can learn about the history of the country. At the Museum, they can find ancient relics and coins, artefacts from Tanzania’s colonial era, and fossil discoveries! One should also plan a trip to nearby beaches such as Mbudya Island, Mbeya Beach, Coco Beach, and Bongoyo Island, where they can relax on the sand, swim in the cool water, and enjoy fresh and delicious seafood! They can also go to the botanical gardens, the Cathedral, or the historical Askari Monument!


  1. Nairobi

The capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, is another must-see city in East Africa. Here, nature lovers can enjoy wildlife viewing at beautiful and lush green locations such as Nairobi National Park and Karura Forest. Tourists can spot animals such as lions, wildebeests, zebras, rhinos, and hyenas. At the Giraffe Center, visitors can view giraffes from up close and can even let them lick their hands! One can also visit the Kazuri bead factory, a women-led workshop that creates fine jewellery, and small and colorful beads that reflect the unique culture of the region.


  1. Stone Town

Zanzibar’s Stone town is a breathtaking location that should be on every travel lover’s wish list. The city is home to extraordinary displays of Swahili culture. Tourists can explore the winding streets and observe the stunning Swahili architecture. They can go to Forodhani Night Food Market to enjoy mouthwatering local dishes such as biryani, Zanzibar pizza, Chipsi Mayai, date nut bread, octopus curry, coconut bean soup, Kuku Paka, Mandazi, and Mshikaki. One can drink ginger tea, or Pombe (sugarcane juice) with these delicious foods.


  1. Watamu

Known for its captivating coral gardens and stunning sandy beaches, Watamu is one of the top rated cities in Kenya for tourists to visit. They can go to Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve which is home to many creatures such as manta rays, and hawksbill turtles. At Garoda Beach, tourists can enjoy kiteboarding, diving, and snorkelling! One can also visit the Gede ruins to see ancient Swahili architecture.


  1. Mwanza

Located on the gorgeous Lake Victoria, Mwanza is the second largest city in Tanzania. Here, tourists can visit the Mwaloni Market or Maasai Market and interact with friendly and helpful tourists. They can buy gifts and souvenirs to support the local economy. Travelers can also visit Robert Koch Hill or Saa Nane National Park to enjoy wildlife viewing, as the region is home to animals such as hippos, otters, and waterbucks!


  1. Malindi

Surrounded by breathtaking tropical beaches, Malindi is one of the most beautiful towns that one can visit in East Africa. At Malindi Marine Park, tourists can enjoy glass bottomed boat rides, snorkelling, scuba diving, and watching marine creatures such as Mako sharks, whale sharks, and green turtles! One can also visit the unique Crocodile Farm!


  1. Arusha

One of Tanzania’s most amazing locations, Arusha is a beautiful city surrounded by Mount Meru and lush green vegetation. At Arusha National Park, tourists can spot monkeys, hyenas, leopards, buffaloes, and giraffes. The region is ideal for bird watching, as it is home to egrets, storks, hornbills, guinea fowl, pelicans, flamingoes, crowned eagles, geese, and woodpeckers. Travelers can also visit the stunning Lake Duluti, or enjoy canoeing or boating at the Momella Lakes.


  1. Mombasa

Mombasa is a coastal city of Kenya where visitors can find old Swahili architecture and learn about the region’s history. At Haller Park, they can see animals such as oryxes, elands, and monkeys. At Shimba Hills National Reserve, they can spot mongooses, antelopes, and fruit bats! Tourists can enjoy a beach trip at Diani Beach, Nyali Beach, or Mombasa Marine National Park, where they can enjoy swimming and scuba diving!