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Must-Visit Attractions in Pemba Island

Must-Visit Attractions in Pemba Island

Pemba Island is a beautiful and serene island, and is part of the Zanzibar Archipelago. Although you may not have heard of Pemba Island as much as Zanzibar, it’s a unique, relaxing, and adventurous island filled with exclusive wildlife. Pemba is also known for its thrilling marine life and scenic landscapes. Here, we will cover some of the many exciting things you can do in Pemba. Although Pemba has some fantastic beaches that you should visit, it is also packed with other adventurous, once-in-a-lifetime kind of experiences. 

The Exquisite Ngezi Forest Reserve

The Ngezi Forest Reserve is home to exotic wildlife, towering double canopy trees, and calming treks. The Ngezi Forest is a vast and majestic beauty of mother nature. The forest was so vast that it spanned across the island and considered the only remaining indigenous forest in the region. The Reserve covers nearly 1,500 hectares. 


You have two tunnel trails to choose between to explore the forest. Although you can trail off-track, it is recommended to opt for one of the two trails. Regardless of which way you decide to take, make sure you have a travel guide with you.  


The Joshi Trail will take you through the forest, where you can explore the unique wildlife, including the rare Pemba Flying Foxes (the world’s largest bat species) and Red Colobus Monkeys. These species can only be found in this region. The trail will take approximately one hour to complete.


The second trail, Taaufiki Trail, is slightly longer and can take up to four hours to complete. However, the journey is worth it as you trek across the forest and end at Vumawimbi Beach. The beach is the perfect place to catch your breath. 

The Historical Mkame Ndume Ruins

Mkame Ndume Ruins is a historically significant site. The site dates back to the time before the Portuguese came to Pemba. During that time, Pemba was under the dictatorship of a cruel leader, Mkame Ndume. The ruins are an architectural beauty, and they also provide you with an opportunity to explore the history of Pemba. The beautiful stone staircases extend over one kilometre. 

The Flying Fox Sanctuary

If you want to explore exotic wildlife, head on over to the Kidike Flying Fox Sanctuary, a sanctuary specifically for the indigenous Pemba Flying Foxes (they’re not actually foxes, just giant bats!). According to some reports, the sanctuary is home to over 4,000 bats.

The Getaway Misali Island

Misali Island is a beautiful island, which is part of the Pemba Channel Conservation Area. The breath-taking island offers beautiful beaches, exotic coral reefs, and clear waters. You can go on the many diving or snorkelling expeditions or lie down on the beach and relax. 


Pemba is a beautiful island that offers a unique, serene, and vibrant vacation for the tourist looking to get away from all the calamities of life. It is an escape you don’t want to miss. So, ZTravel To Zanzibar This Summer With As Salaam Air.