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New #Travel Goal: A Solo Trip to Tanzania

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Tanzania is an incredible tourist destination for adventure; with diverse landscapes, a wide range of experiences, and a rich culture and heritage. This beautiful country has mouthwatering food, serene beaches, crystalline oceans, lush vegetation, countless species of wild and exotic flora and fauna across its multiple National Parks, friendly locals, exciting safaris, and beautiful views. Tanzania should be on every traveler’s list, and a new goal is to have a solo trip to Tanzania.


As a general point, do know that there are many solo visitors to Tanzania and there are numerous Facebook groups through which people meet and join together for company and to make some activities and excursions affordable through sharing costs. One will always see groups looking for others to join, or indeed a traveler asking where there is a group to join.




Yes! Tanzania is safe for a solo trip when common sense is used coupled with an appreciation of the country, its developing status, employment challenges, levels of poverty, and cultural sensitivities. Visitors should take some standard precautions, such as practicing basic safety awareness, and avoiding lonely stretches of deserted areas, especially at night-time, no showing of ‘wealth’, money, jewelry unnecessarily. As with ANY country, don’t leave belongings unattended, use room safes, have a money / document belt.

Be wary of ‘friendly advisors’, casually found acquaintances who want organize for you. There is a strong informal economy and within it chancers and con artists.

And best of all, ask advice from hotels, tour guides, officials and the like.



Solo travelers are advised to pack light, so baggage does not become a hassle. They should carry the necessary clothing, an extra layer to protect from the sun, or the cold, medicine such as pain killers, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, batteries, credit card, shoes for walking, hand sanitizer, and necessary documents plus colour copies stored separate from the originals (ID, passport, travel itinerary, travel insurance certificate).



Solo travelers should carefully pick and choose their guides and accommodation, ensuring that the company is reliable, and they are paying the right price. Many camps and lodges charge single travelers less or waive the supplement fee, so it is possible to avail significant discounts. By booking beforehand, visitors can avoid unnecessary hassle and inconvenience later!




Zanzibar has a rich culture, exquisite cuisine, scenic views, and exotic flora and fauna, all of which can be explored by solo travelers. It caters to the needs of low budget travelers by offering cheap bars, parties, and experiences, as well as affordable yet comfortable lodges. Tourists can relax on the pristine beaches, experience sailing, diving, and kayaking adventures, discover the culture, or go on walking tours of Stone Town.



The Serengeti offers safaris, the amazing sight of the Great Wildebeest Migration, game drives, hot air balloon rides, and wonderful displays of wildlife such as lions, elephants, leopards, and zebras. Areas such as Gombe National Park, Lake Manyara, and Ngorongoro Crater offer wonderful wildlife viewing and safari opportunities. Guests can spot the Big 5 i.e. lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, and rhinoceros, as well as rare species of animals such as mongooses and meerkats. At Ruaha National Park and Selous Game Reserve, tourists can spot gazelles, cheetahs, zebras, antelopes, exotic birds, meerkats, mongooses, and hippopotamus!



A great experience is a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro where travelers and adventure seekers can enjoy the remarkable view, climb up the 5895m mountain, or camp at the base. Tourists can photograph this enchanting destination as the light is perfect, sunsets are spectacular, skies are clear, and greenery is vivid.




For those wanting to give back to the community, volunteering with a local Tanzanian non-profit organization is a good idea.  By contributing to community development or conservation work, the tourists can enjoy a sense of purpose and a feeling of satisfaction.


Backpacking is a low budget, independent way of travelling, which requires the traveler to be on the road for several weeks, or even more. The special experience allows for a unique perspective, and the traveler gains a lot of knowledge and adventure. In Tanzania, they can visit the heavenly beaches, immerse themselves in the local culture, and enjoy a special travel experience!



Solo travelers can easily reach out to, and interact with locals. Tourists should use this opportunity to have an enriching experience, learning about another culture and lifestyle. Tourists can meet with the indigenous people, and gain knowledge.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]